Yulie & Gala at it again!

Hello everyone. How has your week gone? Surprised to see a timely update? Well, don’t be! Things are changing in ROJ and changing for the better and it’s time I spent more time doing things for the people I love and who love me. Let’s see some random improvements…first there are the two sparkling new over the door shoe hanger guys. Welcome to the club you two. Previously shoes lived in a bucket…and it smelled like a bucket full of shoes and it was nearly impossible to find what you were looking for. Consider this…of all the shoes you see here, this isn’t even ALL that were in the bucket! I’ve donated a few pair of tennis shoes and recycled a few pair too. I also had boots in there which are now living in a closet.

Along those same lines I’d like to share with you part of my clothing arrangement. You may recall how I ordered those collapsible hanger things; well I bought them at Walgreens because they seemed SO COOOOL in the infomercial. They ARE cool, if you trade out the one ring for a metal shower ring so it doesn’t snap. But this is also for people with the time and energy to put clothing on hangers. Grad students are not those people. So clothes for me exist either 1) In the dryer 2) On the floor or 3) On my bed before putting them onto the floor and forgot 4) On furniture in varying stages of folding. So I’m sure Mom will be very pleased with this new arrangement. Little cubies for my closet, they hang there and I can just shove folded clothing into a section…should be fast and easy. Yippie.

More good news! Both days I woke this weekend I did not feel like I was being drugged in my sleep. Thank god! Now on to the racing….*the crowd goes wild*


CWRRC Spring Classic ½ and 5K

I like this 5K course, I HATE the ½ so Gale and I do the 5K. I was thankful too when I woke to find it as not very warm. Drove up there with about an hour to spare after getting my stuff. This race has HORRID parking and the first year I did it I literally parked about 4 miles from where I needed to be and WALKED to the start. Ugg. My friends drove me to my car afterward and on the way there were like “Dude we don’t even want to DRIVE this far WHERE did you park?!?!” Gale was volunteering so we chatted a min and then got ready to run, I threw my pants on the back of her car (I had on two) and realized I had not shaved all week and was like oh crap no one look at my legs! We gathered at the start with Pati and a few other friends and then it was time to run. I like this race because a lot of the local kids run it and it’s nice to see them out on the course. Of course with any combined course you have the people who point to the 6 mile marker about 5 minutes into and yell “Hey we went 6 Miles” and everyone is too nice not to laugh. I was quite pleased when I hit the first mile marker and they called out 10:01 and knowing I was at least a second or two from the start I was like “Score! Sub 10 minute mile…finally”. I tried to get into the groove of my music and followed the course. We rounded the parking lot and I didn’t take water until we were headed back in. Mile two was met around 21:30 and I was not pleased with the slow down. I chatted with some people as we ran together a little and then I knew I needed to push myself. I kept the breathing steady and I swung my arms and I felt it burning in my diaphragm and I didn’t care…well I did care…but I didn’t let it stop me! Coming down what the guy said is the “Yellow brick road” I pumped and pushed and jumped past way too many kids who got tuckered out…but I felt happy when I came across the finish line because I knew I gave it my all. I was slightly over 32:30 but I was still happy I wasn’t looking at 35 and 36.
After the race Gale and Pati and I went around the course again as a “cold down” and I did not want to go but knew I needed to train. Matt brought over Jan and Jen I think it was from Medina and they came running too. I stayed back with them at a slower pace, and unfortunately one of the new friends felt ill so we started walking. I enjoyed walking and talking with her…and we did cut out part of the course…all in all we probably did at least another 2.5 miles. One of the volunteers saw us and directed us left saying “Half marathon to the right….7 and ¾ K to the left” I loved how they were actually paying attention to people to be able to say that! Another funny moment was talking about the arm sleeves and why I don’t wear a long sleeve shirt. Well 1) Because sleeves you can push down if you get warm and 2) I have issues in my chestal region with fitting into some long sleeves. The ladies with me all laughed and were like Umm we don’t have THAT problem. Gee lucky you!

When I got home Mom and I had an awesome lunch at Bob Evans and I lay down around 1:30 for a nap….and I didn’t get up until 5:00. WONDERFUL and much needed nap after the stressful week I had. On top of final projects and the break up I also found myself with a completely new job description and requirements at work. OH JOY! It’s all working out though.

City 2 City 5K

This race is for a really good cause and I love races like that. It’s for Providence House in Cleveland and they work with preventing child abuse. I was nervous about my performance since I did run 5 miles the day before. But we started and I felt fine. Prior to starting I met up with Gale and Bill to talk a bit before the races and Jim told us some good races for trail experience. When I put my stuff in my car I was so MAD because I noticed someone had stolen my TRI magnet and I was seriously bummed. Now back to the race…Gale and I joked around about Mill Creek again and how I was Yulie and she was Gala (said in a bad Russian accent) but Shawn was just Shawn and I was like…No Shawn was Jesus for the weekend and made me uncomfortable. We also talked about missing out one friend Mike and wished he would come out and have fun with us again!

Running the 5K I was scared I’d start walking too soon because right away we hit a bridge and it’s not always easy to get up it. However I did my best and made it up only a little out of breath, coming back down is the fun part and I took the corner and felt strong if not at least decent. Before I knew it we were at the first mile marker and heard 9:54 and I was SOOOO happy! I mean no that isn’t a great time, but it’s another sub 10 minute mile and it’s the day after I already run and it was with a hill! And I smiled so BIG as I was crossing the road and thought “Hell to the effin YES, I’m coming back baby”! And I ran to the water mark turn around got to water and kept going. I have new shoes today BTW so I was a little off since I laced them too tightly and had to jog in place a second or too for blood flow. I made the second marker around 20:30 and I was please to hit mile two under 21 mins I think for the first time this season. Around this point a woman I had been pacing with unintentionally had small child run up to her and yell “Make sure you tear it up Aunt B” it was too precious. I tried to enjoy the last mile knowing this was the type of race I wouldn’t win. We came out of the neighborhoods and hit the bridge for the second time and wow was there sun! And I was wearing my fleece vest bc it has a pocket and my shuffle (IPOD) Is still not working! Dude I am BUYING a new shuffle today because the IPOD classic is heavy and vests are too hot! So I labored up the hill in the heat with slightly sore muscles and numb feet. I managed to finish around 32:30 again and was please with the time over all and with the fact it was the day after a good work out. I AM coming back.

Another thought I had was about Dirty Dancing…haha. And how the one quote is “No body puts Baby in a corner” and my thought was this…No body puts ROJ in a box. No body can out me in a cliché and assume they know who I am or what I’m about, and that includes me. I have to stop living by other people’s expectations and limitations.

After the race we took a bunch of bananas yum yum and watched the little kids do their laps around the fountain. Gale didn’t win and neither did I, but we sorted our plans for next week’s nonsense and cheered on the older boys of our group who did all place. Congrats Bill Pete and Jim! Now I’m feeling great and it’s time for a day of shopping and homework and loving this beautiful sun. Let’s hear about your adventures!

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