Side Note

Ok I think it was a sign from God but the day after I posted my latest entry bragging about how awesome I was for not paying for my last 5K..I read an email from Active Triathlete going into great details how terrible of a person I am for not paying. Allow me to state my ideas on this slightly

1…I agree if you run a major race like a half or full marathon and you take the medal and you take the supplies you are stealing.

2…I feel for a small local 5K if I do not take the supplies or the finish food or whatever I am not really doing too much damage. However the argument can be made…
a) If everyone had that attitude then small local races would fall apart because no one would pay
b) Should anything bad happen to me I am stealing the medical services and who wants to do that?

So my new concept is this….pay or run at home or run with a club if you can’t stand the boredom. That 20 bucks you spend on eating out? Don’t eat out and put it toward the race entry, many times a charity gets a cut. Also much like eating out, if you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to eat there. If you can’t afford the race fee, keep the field open and UN-cluttered with extra bodies. People who paid and trained so not appreciate you getting in the way with your cheapness. Hehe. So, no more being a bandit for me.

Also….keep your fingers crossed but I made it through the first round of an application process to be a sponsored athlete. I’ll keep you informed!

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