Guessss what? and Top 10

OK so first of all…heard this song on the way to school the other night and it cracked me up!

Now to tell you the happiness. I made it onto the 50K list! So be prepared for all the fun and excitement of my training for that ordeal as well as new and exciting events as the summer weeks progress. This weekend is the amazing Hermes 10-miler and the Chardon Maple Sap 5 miler. To celebrate here is a top 10 list. The other night my status was “I just ran for an hour. Some runs are better than sex!” Well there was much debate on the topic, so here is the 10 reasons running is better than sex. In no particular order.

1. No one judges you for having multiple partners
2. Everyone is willing to talk about new techniques
3. You don’t need to click “I’m 18” to get into the websites
4. You won’t get arrested for doing it with your pet
5. People are impressed when older people get involved
6. It’s better to finish quickly
7. A whole group of strangers gather around to cheer you on for a strong finish
8. Finisher’s medals
9. I don’t have to live in WV to run with my Mom
10. No one ever got pregnant from running without protection

Have a lovely weekend! Here’s a pic from Earth Day Trail Run.


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