Don’t Tip the Garden

Although I really meant to get out there this week and get some mileage in before Saturday’s races…it did not happen ) ; Monday I went out with Shane and Abby for dinner at Applebee’s to support the speech & debate team…and they’re so fabulous it sucked up a big portion of the night. The rest was spent on odds and ends homework. Tuesday I attended Toastmasters and was an evaluator for the first time, I think it went well. Wednesday I had class, where we learned the horrors of STDs and I had to sit through the horror of role playing. Mind you I don’t hate role playing as a concept, but I am easily annoyed (see diagnosis chart below) and when I am at the end of my program and others are at the start there are certain questions and techniques I am sick of sitting through! Prior to class I wanted to go on a group run, but I had to meet with my partner for Group Counseling to talk about our final paper. This is not a good thing because apparently the paper we already had is NOT what the teacher is looking for, and with so many other final papers to write we really don’t have time to be redoing nearly from scratch our entire assignment.

Thursday was it’s usually back-to-back self with a nice little ending where I received my score for the MMPI-2 (Minnesota, multiphastic personality inventory). Last summer I took this thing and I scored through the roof on indicators or schizophrenia and PTSD, which really upset me all year long. If anyone knew me last summer and fall, I was 100% convinced I had schizophrenia and was going to break at any given moment. Mind you there was a ton of personal and family and other issues at the time, but those were easily ignored by my worried mind. So, this year I looked at my score and…normal. Nothing remarkable across the board. Bummer. Ha. There were two things I scored even a little in the range worth looking at diagnostically. I scored significant in the range for Ego Strength and I scored in the range for Type A personality. Allow me to share with you what those characteristics are…

Ego Strength

Impatience, easily annoyed with other people who interrupt their tasks which are valued over social relationships, hard driving, fast paced, task-oriented, vengeful, envious, hostile, competitive, can’t wait in line, workaholic, demanding

Type A

Typically, high scorers tend to lack chronic psychopathology, be alert, persistent, self-confident, intelligent and resourceful, excellent reality testing, good interpersonal coping skills, strongly developed interests, somewhat rebellious, competitive, and cynical

The part I have bold is my favorite summary ever. If there was a definition of ROJ in the dictionary, this line would be there. How many times do I mention being annoyed over something stupid from someone because it gets in the way of what I’m trying to do? LoL. See I’m not broken! I’m just clinically significant on a personality scale. Sheesh. Now on to the races…

Eagles on Foot. 5K

This was the second year for this race and Gale and I liked it a lot last year…this was a race where I almost broke the 30 minute mark for 5K! Not so much this year, but I’m getting better. Unfortunately Gale was ill and I was already paid so I drove the hour to Lakewood by myself. It was so cold, I mean it was crazy cold compare to the 80’s we’ve had all week and no one was pleased about it. Once again I realized I forgot to shave and hoped the budding hairs would protect me slightly from the wind until we ran. I was a VERY happy camper though, because both the IPOD shuffle and my Garmin were in full working mode! So off we went to start the 5K and I was jamming along to some Ke$ha and looking at the chopping but oh so pretty blue-grey water along the shoreline of Lake Erie. The wind took my earbuds out several times. As we turned near the one mile mark the lady in front of me was cheered on my a neighbor. He yelled “Looking good” and she yelled back “Well, I am good”. And this was not in a snotty way at all, but in a confident way and it completely floored me. I wanted to be like “um did you not notice how half the runner are ahead of you…well us?” Then I realized, you don’t have to be elite or the best to be good. There is no reason this woman can’t feel that a 10 minute pace isn’t “good” who was I to think she was wrong? For someone who can only walk to course a 10/pace would be good…and it reminded me once again to appreciate what I did have going for me in the moment, instead of wishing for more.

My first mile according to the timer on course was 9:36 according to Garmin the course was off so it was closer to 10:00. Mile 2 was about the same thing and a little after mile 2 I encountered my issue from last summer…people were mowing their yards! They should have an ordinance against doing that with a race going on. I could almost feel my lungs closing and shaking as I tried to find air not containing particles of allergens. Ugg. Luckily a passing lady started talking to him and amazingly he stopped, so as I ran past the main source, the mower was off. Thank God. As we all neared the end, with maybe half a mile to go, it began to hail. Not snow, not rain, it hailed and it pinched my skin a little. I have never run in hail before and given the choice I will not do it again. I finished though and was pleased; sadly I also had to leave right away to get home to pick up Mom.
Mile Pace (min/mile) Speed (mph) Elevation
actual +/- avg actual +/- avg
1 9′ 52 -0′ 44 6.1 +0.4 -33 ft
2 11′ 01 +0′ 25 5.4 -0.2 0 ft
3 10′ 55 +0′ 19 5.5 -0.2 +33 ft
end 9′ 43 -0′ 53 6.2 +0.5 0 ft
Versus average of 10′ 36 min/mile
Posted from

Earth Day Trail Run 3.4

Another fabulous run discovered in 2009, but this one has been around longer than just two years. It is a part of the Subway Challenge Series and the first race of the series I’ve done this year. Also an hour drive, so I spent a lot of time in the car yesterday. Mom and I arrived with enough time to get a decent parking spot and met up with Gale who had driven herself since she felt well enough to attempt of the races. This race is not only so beautiful from the trees and lands and everything of the trail, they give out the most amazing shirts. GORGOUS design and 100% organic cotton, so they just feel like heaven against your skin, I had to have it! I guess in the past this was a smaller event and a longer trail as they had options of looping parts of the course. As it grew in popularity they had to adjust. We start in waves, with fast runners placing themselves in the front. Every 2 or 3 minutes the next wave goes off. Luckily this is chip timed at the start and end so you do not need to worry about what wave you are in. Mom and I went off I the last wave because we thought we would be walking…sadly she was better at it than I was! For whatever reason it hit me and I was dead on my feet. My thighs were cramped up and I had zero energy and my stomach was growling with a force. Ugg. At one point a guy on a cart asked me if I was going to be able to finish…did I look THAT sickly? Lovely.

We finished and went to the awards. Gale took second in her age group…so much for being sick huh? Mom almost took second for her walking category. The prize was a small herb garden and the lady announcing kept saying “Don’t tip the garden!” It was sort of a weird thing to keep hearing. Mom was cooking on the course but did not want to leave me behind. It turns out with the wave effect the lady who beat her in the walking category, did so by less than 1 minute…how horrible do I feel now? ) ; I made her lose her chance on herbs!!! Too bad our cats would have killed those herbs before they had a chance anyway. Oh and too bad I’m not listed in the results! I emailed them to see what’s up. Trust me I was NO WHERE near placing…but I want it to count as one of the races I do for the series.

After the run Mom and I went to the Amish Door for lunch. I did not even know we were like 5 minutes away! So, we had some delicious friend chicken and mashed potatoes with salad bar. I piled the lettuce and eggs high with some cheese and cauliflower and yes a little bacon on top. No dressing. I like my salads naked. For desert the salad bar had cherry tapioca which was to die for and some banana pudding graham cracker stuff. After diner we went home where I was NOT allowed to nap so late in the day and with so much homework. I read a chapter for class, but then Shrek 2 came on and we watched that instead of being useful. Afterward I wrote a 2 page summary on what I read, wrote another summary on the fake group we all attend and came back upstairs. I gathered my latest edition of Women’s Running magazine and Triathlete magazine and retired to a nice hot bath. I was going to go with bubbles, but my legs hurt so I went with Epsom salt and when I woke up today I did not regret that change!

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend. I am going to sepnd the rest of mine paper writing. Good Luck to all who are running Boston on Monday! Also good luck to everyone in the Hermes 10-miler next Sat if I don’t update before…look for me, I’ll be there too! Oh and today I finish my application for sponsorship, I’m very nervous and excited!

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