I owe updates//Millcreek 1/2 & St Malachi 5mi

Sorry I have not been presenting the upmost in entertainment as of late. I will give you a quick recap of the last two weekends, as I am out of town this weekend. This is being written in the hotel of the Hampton Inn in Pitts where I am gracing the ACA convention with my lovely self. What have I been doing lately? Well…

I gave two group presentations in school. One on the STAXI for Objective Personality and another on group counseling for college students with alcohol abuse issues. I also took a midterm and created an annotated bibilography for a paper on Sexual Addiction: Fact and Fiction. Believe me when I say I’ve been busy! Two weekends ago I went to Gale and Shawn to Millcreek in Youngstown for the first half marathon of the year. Last weekend we all went to Cleveland for the St Malachi 5 mile run. The season is getting warmer and running is starting to be fun again. Also…remember the “some boy” from debate? He’s been in the picture here and there too and I think I’m gonna keep him around for a while…perhaps he’ll end up being more than “some boy” hehe, he already is ( ; he sent me flowers. I’ve never been sent flowers before and I LOVED it!

Ok here are the choppy updates of weeks past…I will try to get with the program in the future.

(written last week actually)…ROJ has been lousy with updates lately…but that is strongly because I HATE running in icky weather and I tapped myself dry of treadmill fun last fall training for my marathon. I made a vow this year to run for the JOY of running, not for the purpose of some preset goal. And so far it’s been OK. So…what have I been doing aside from working and learning? I did manage to go to Mill Creek this past weekend for my third half marathon on what I was told is the hilliest course in America. Whatever. Here is a link to the page and a map of the hills. I tried to use Garmin but as the story will tell you….it wasn’t a good weekend exactly.

In a way things started when I went out Friday night to my friend’s house…Tom. His sister and her husband were in from DC with the new puppy. New puppy = love and fluff. I managed to stay there with several of my friends all night long. Good times. People think Tom and I should get married because no one else will put up with us the way we do for each other…we could cheat on each other and all that other fun stuff too! haha. Another odd thing was talking on the phone to an ex…ex friend and ex manager from my days at McD’s. He seems to be doing well and that’s always good to hear. Sat morning I was soooooo tired! I felt like I was going to die. I walked around in a haze trying to get ready to get to Gales. At various points in the morning I couldn’t find….my pants…my glasses…my contacts…my running shoes…who knows what else. It literally took HOURS to pack for basically one night.

I managed to get to Gale’s before Shawn which is some sort of miracle in and of itself. We went on our way over to Y-town and to explore the city lol. We arrived in great time and got all of our stuff. They were giving out wind shirt and I got one in the right size and in this very lovely red. See below. Gale got one in Navy and Shawn also got red…they seemed to be cleaning out the leftovers of other years. They also had white, but lord knows that would not be a good idea for me! I bought a breakfast cookie and some beans…well Shawn bought them for me cuz he’s awesome…and I tried on a running dress, which I liked, but did not buy. Then off to lunch at Golden Corral. YUM YUM YUM> No joke. I MAKE money at that place. Both laughed at me because I was stealing sweet potatoes. I dunno it’s a tradition. I couldn’t eat everything there but what I ate was amazing. I also drank the weird milk rice thing and I liked it! At one point I thought I was going to make Shawn laugh so hard he would spit out his drink on me. It did not happen but would have been totally worth it! Of course I also got fat on the treats. Ohhh what an experience.

After this was went and drove all around PA while Shawn spent like 300.00 on beer. No joke. You should see the pic he posted with his cases…actually here it is!

The one beer store we went to was HUGE I mean I have not seen some stores this size, let alone stores just for beer. Crazy! Sat night was spent chilling at the hotel room and swimming. I felt like I was getting sick because I was SO COLD. Even in the hot tub where everyone else was hot I was feeling chilly. Also I was emotionally distressed over the mess I had caused with different people in my personal life…but that has come to pass so moving on…We did eat pizza for dinner which was yum. I also got to text about 3 or 4 good friends so I felt loved. Funny thing…around like 11 our phone rang and then the door was being knocked on. It was the pizza place! WTF we ate our pizza at like 9!! GO AWAY WE ARE SLEEPING.

Sunday morning was the actual race. We spent plenty of time getting ready and when we arrived we were more than awake. I spilled my drink on me. Found out my Garmin was dead. And my ipod!!!! Gale had a spare ipod so I was set for the music but grr. Oh and when I was being all sweet and jumped out of the truck I hurt my ankle. Oh and NOT MY FAULT but I was listed as a male. I don’t have a penis! Seriously. Yea so the run started and I was like OH BOY and when I got to the mile two I could have gone left to run just a 5k but I went right and up the hill and committed to 13.1 miles. I found a slower groove and made it happily to around mile 8. Even with a spot where I felt I could do anything and was really happy! Then I stopped to go potty and for whatever reason it made me realize how badly my ankle hurt and my knee. So I walked the last 5 miles…which took a lonnnng time. But everyone kept being really supportive and I was enjoying the weather…and the time to think about many things in life. I finished in just over 3 hours. Oh well. But I finished!! They didn’t do medals for all which sucked, but I was happy to push myself and see what I was capable of doing. It’s really made me feel like me again and I haven’t been all “bleh” and woe is me this whole week!

So nothing great planned this weekend other than Malachi on Sat for a fun 5 miles. Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the nice weather if you’re in Ohio with me!

St Malachi update

I won’t go into too many details since this is longer than normal anyhow. Basically the race was at 9:45 but parking was not good so I arrived at like 7:30. I felt like crap and my head hurt. Gale gave me my stuff and I slept for about another hour I’d say before getting out of my car and into the rain. The music they were playing really lifted my spirits and I saw some friends as always. The two mile people looked like they had fun and Gale even ran the 2 miler! I had a goal of doing under an hour…esp after how poorly Mill creek went. I finished in 57 mins and was happy to report only walked on some of the hills. Very slow pacing but at least I stayed in motion and was having a good time. Afterward I took a nap (ha) and finished my St Patty’s day shirt. Her I am with Emme and also a more “full” pic of the completed shirt. Hope you all had a great holiday and week. I’ll write about ACA next. Then it’s back to races!

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