Chili 5K, Indoor Tri and Vday ROJ style

Chili 5K


Look for myself and Gale around 1:54 she is in bright yellow/green and I’m in the blue next to her. Some random guy runs right in front of us!

Sat was the Chili Bowl 5K race, and I was NOT ready for it in so many ways. Regardless the whole point in Chili Bowl is the eat the yummy trats afterward provided by Tower 230. If you’re in the Cleveland area, stop by for a meal. I don’t want to complain because that really is not an attractive quality, but to state a few facts. I have not run since NYE, I had a chest infection for 2 weeks (thank GOD for my inhaler) I am living on liquid foods essentially because of the braces and I’m sure there’s other things too. However, the race went better than I expected, since I remembered my love for running. Running and I have this on again off again affair, and sometimes I wonder why we’re even together. Then I remembered. When I run I feel like ME, I feel more ME than any other time in my life. I love seeing my face red and sweaty, hair stuck to me neck, I look so beautiful! I’m being serious. Runners are strange people, I’m lucky to be one. Oh and Gale is super awesome because at Whole Foods they have my fav greek yogurt on sale for $1.00 and they have a $1.oo off coupon so it’s FREE! She brought me two. I heart her!

Here are some thoughts to go through my head. I need to date a fellow runner or something to that effect. No one understands what we do unless they are there too. Plus, I would love a workout buddy who isn’t a girl and I don’t have to worry if I’m cuter. You know I’ve used this one dating site on and off for oh 3+ years and I’ve gone on over a dozen dates. Only TWO people have ever gone on a second date with me. One we met (it probably wasn’t a date) at a local race and ran together. I’ve never been more comfortable meeting a person for the first time. We went to the movies a few days later. It didn’t work out, but this was one of the rare times I didn’t feel rejected. It didn’t work out because we just were not a good match, but at least he knew who I really am. The other one that worked out to some degree, I am still friends with and we met a few years back. Actually I just found out there is a chance he is moving away. I am REALLY excited and happy for him since “in this economy” any job that could be GOOD and in your field is worth a few life changes. Still, I am selfish and sad because I would miss him terribly ) ; and we just recently started hanging out again, and I don’t want to lose him again. Interesting side note … I would argue he’s crazy for a few more reasons than a history of running… and he likes to try and argue he is a psychopath. Moving On.

I also thought about my friends when we run and how we are such a wide range of ages, but each time I see them there is a smile and a hug and a sincere “How are you” and there is no better feeling in the world than that pure love, love that doesn’t request anything in return! I wondered if I would always have these people. Pati and Matt are like 20 years apart and travel together…I wondered if that would be me and Gale. And then I became deeply sad…because I realized my whole “goal” in life is the GTFO of Ohio. Ha. And if I do that I’m leaving behind so much and so many. Family isn’t what you’re born into…it’s also who you pick to be in your life. I don’t know if I want to be away from my family? It makes me feel like that song, which is totally cliche but still “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone. Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.” Not to worry for a few more years. Besides maybe that’s why we have email and facebook and hearts big enough to hold so much love. So we don’t forget people and we keep each other in our lives?

After the race I went to my Pappa’s 80th bday party. Pretty cool to still have my grandparents. My mouth was in pain and I was tired, so I kept to myself most of the party.

Indoor Triathlon

Waking up Sunday was interesting, I was out Sat night, so I wanted to sleep in. My thighs were SO SORE from Sat but I logged onto FB and found out a lot of people were in the same boat so I didn’t feel so much like a freak.

I left the house a little late,but was really excited. I arrived and met up with Gale and Pati, we changed and prepped for the pool. I was nervous because my lungs still hurt from being sick. My goggles even snapped before the swim! Yikes. I was able to tuck them into the cap and all was good. I was sad I could not swim better after a semester of swim club. In a way I guess I DID because I managed the same laps as last year with my stronger stroke, using a weaker stroke this year. I could not breathe so I did the backstroke the whole time. I was very happy when the clock stopped!

Next we towled off and ran to the bikes. I had to replace some of my brace wax, since apparently chlorine eats it! Grrr. Gale and I were jamming out and singing the whole time, everyone else looked so serious! Whatever, it’s about loving life. At the 10 min mark they played “Living on a Prayer” and the leader was singing “We’re half way there!!” It was funny. The guy taking my time was massively cute. Tall thin and well nice eyes and a great smile…I was in love. Ha.

The run was not as fun because I was really struggling to breathe at this point. However I still had a lot of energy. So I plugged in the IPOD and went for it. Not too many laps and more walking than I would have liked,but I did it. I finished and I stayed positive which is more than I can say from previous years. I tended to finish in an angry mood. Results were posted today and I was sad to see 6/6 in my a/g but hey it was still a great way to spend time with friends…and we all agreed we need to bike together this summer! ( ;

A few photos: Gale in the pool, trying to swim. If you look on the right, in the green cap is me! Pati having a good time on the bike. And of course all three of us after a happy finish.

Vday ROJ style

I must give you details about Vday. At work it was nice, Karen and I made little paper plate boxes for treats. And most people played along so it was fun to open our baskets…if you are not me that is…and can have sugar and sticky and other pleasures. Stupid braces. LOL. If someone loves me, please send me braces friendly treats! Thanks! Here are some pics of the baskets.

Now I will copy and paste some info about a MUCH cooler holiday than Saint Valentine’s Day…Lupercalia. According to

Lupercalia is a Roman ritual of purification and fertility dating from such an ancient time that even the Romans of the first century BCE had forgotten its origin and to which Gods it was dedicated and even the meaning of some of its symbolism. (Contrary to Z Budapest’s statements, it was not known whether it was to Faunus and in fact I think it may have been sacred to the more ancient founding Goddess, Rumina, the She-Wolf of Rome.) Central to the ritual is the lustration (light flogging) with a goat skin scourge (see, Gardner didn’t invent it). This was often accompanied by much rowdiness and horse-play. The purpose was the purification of the people from curses, bad luck and infertility. The ritual is performed on February 15. The name of the month comes from the februa, anything used in purifying including wool (used for cleaning), brooms, pine boughs (which make the air sweet and pure), etc.

The rite began in the cave of the She-Wolf in the city of Rome where legend had it that the founders of the city, Romulus and Remus, had been suckled by the wolf before they were found by a shepherd. The sacred fig tree grew in front of the cave. Vestals brought to the site of the sacrifice the sacred cakes made from the first ears of the last years grain harvest. Two naked young men presided over the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. With the bloody knife, their foreheads were smeared with blood, then wiped clean with wool dipped in milk. The young men laughed and girded themselves in the skin of the sacrificed goat. Much feasting followed. Finally, using strips of the goat skin, the young men ran, each leading a group of priests, around the base of the hills of Rome, around the ancient sacred boundary of the old city called the pomarium. During this run, the women of the city would vie for the opportunity to be scourged by the young men as they ran by, some baring their flesh to get the best results of the fertility blessing (you can see why the Christian church tried so hard to get this ritual banned, but it was so popular that it continued for quite some time under the new regime.)

Except for the intrusion of foreign cults, this was the only Roman ritual where a goat was sacrificed. Dogs were only offered to Robigus (a guardian associated with crops), the Lares Praestites (the guardians of community), and Mana Genata (ancestral guardians).
Because of the cave, the fig tree, the milk, and such, I suspect the very oldest forms of this rite honored a Goddess. Unlike some of the other Roman rites like the October Horse sacrifice, there is no other Indo-European equivalent in Vedic, Scandinavian, Irish, or Indo-Iranian traditions.

With modifications, the Temple of Pomona performed Lupercalias and has a great time.

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  1. Maybe find a local running store or running group. I agree, it is easier to date someone who understands what you do.

    I was married before I joined the local group, but they have had like over a dozen weddings.

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