Braces and Greek Yogurt


So for everyone wondering about the braces…they are on my teeth and I guess we’re in this together for the long run. No pun intended. If I am to be perfectly honest, I find them sorta cute. No really. I am a very lucky girl and I do NOT have rubber bands, which my understanding is these are the items causing undue torture to most people. And the one lady (JoAnne) is my new best friend because she capped the ends of the little pokey things on the inside of my mouth since I do not need them for the bands. SO no more pain on my tongue! No more less icky wax, no more giving birth to candles out the front of my mouth…and when I get to have kissytime, I don’t need to worry about hurting the other person’s tongue! * happy dance * See below for how awesome they are…

Now the outsides are still different to get used to, too much dryness and I feel a slight pull, and my bottom teeth have a stronger wire (which makes sense since these are the teeth I mainly need to fix). The best way to describe what I was feeling (on the first day) is you know the sensation when you drink something cold and your teeth get a chill/tingle? My whole front bottom constantly felt that way. I hope it goes away, but other than that, no real pain. I did try to eat a sandwich and the push on the upper wire was BAD, but I can go without eating sandwiches a few days.

**day two** Today was MUCH better with braces. I am still not feeling a great deal of pain. I took my Aleve and I ate only y soft food, but the tingle sensation is gone (score) and there is only a slight soreness around the front teeth. My only complaint would have to be getting food caught in the wires. There are worse things in life I suppose.

Greek Yogurt:

I’m not sure how many of you have heard about greek yogurt, but apparently it isn’t too new, but it is starting to get more popular. A few friends who have tried the eat-clean diet, have started eating it so I decided to give it a shot. First, allow me to explain my feelings on normal yogurt. Part of me loves the stuff, it is like a dessert, but it’s supposed to be healthy for you. No, I don’t buy the kind with m&m’s to drop in…I KNOW that ruins whatever good qualities it can have. I am also not a fan of plain yogurt, eww tart or sour. Of the yogurts I have had I liked Activia, but it works a little too well to eat on a regular basis. It’s also no cheap. My biggest complaints about it has always been it either has a bite and you almost feel the need to wash your mouth out after or you need to mix in fruit/granola/etc.

Not too long ago I found a love for Rachel’s brand yogurt, (who apparently have a greek style I should look for and just noticed on the webpage) but they stopped carrying my favorite flavor and I just can’t bring myself to eat the others in the Am they are too sweet. If you like sweet and interesting combo’s though…try it (this is what they look like in American stores) Which is my OTHER complaint, when yogurt is like PIE sweet not FRUIT sweet. I don’t like feelings as if I need to brush my teeth after eating. And the flavor lingers….and lingers…and lingers. So. My recent love of yogurt can be given to Stonyfield Farms. Oh and yes I’ve done Dannon…didn’t like it…did Yoplait (only like the whips) but those are also too sugary for me. Anyway. Stonyfield. I like the organic and regular flavors and normally they price @ 5 for $5.00 so not too pricey. My favorite is the chocolate underground, it’s vanilla on top but chocolate below and I mix it all up.

I went into eating these things before doing too much research on them. I bought two flavors or two kinds. I bought Stoneyfield Oiko’s in Blueberry and Vanilla. According to the website they have different flavors in different sizes (5.3oz Strawberry.honey.blueberry.vanilla.plain…16oz plain.vanilla…4oz 4pk blueberry, strawberry, honey, plain, vanilla, caramel, chocolate) Sunday night I tried the Oikos in vanilla and I was VERY impressed. It was thicker than regular yogurt and did not have a bite or the sugary feel. I didn’t feel like it needed to be consumed far apart from all other normal food. The flavor did not linger. Now for almost $2.00 this yogurt wasn’t playing and I really loved it.

Monday I tried the Yoplait in Strawberry. Please note, they do not even have this product listed on the site…I find this questionable at best. Now, admittedly I’m not a strawberry fan, but this yogurt just was bland, and left a texture in my mouth. It wasn’t gross, and it did not have the weird tastes I’ve had with other yogurts, but it was very obvious this was not normal yogurt. In fact I told a coworker is reminded me of the stuff they use to make a mold of your mouth at the dentist’s. Seriously, this was like edible plaster. Not cool. Also, read your labels…did you know at least for this one…the strawberry yogurt gets its coloring from BEET JUICE…no wonder it tastes like @$$. This was 5 for $5.00, closer to my price range, but I was not impressed. I will try the other flavor Tuesday giving it a second chance since I already LOVE the Oikos. I also am very well aware almost no one I know likes the Stonyfield, it’s an acquired taste…so don’t go jumping down my throat, it’s all personal opinions!

Tuesday I tried the other flavor of Yoplait, the Honey Vanilla. One thing I failed to mention before that I give props to greek yogurt for is the lack of the milk juice nonsense. I hate seeing that stuff I hate feeling like no amount of stirring blends it. All three kinds I’ve tried has had minimal separation issues. I must say, this flavor was massively better. I really enjoyed it. I could not taste the honey too much, but it does taste different from typical vanilla. It was a very light taste, not to sound cliche but it had a very natural feel to it. Again, good for eating with a meal or possibly good as a snack on its own without the lingering aftermath. For me very close in enjoyment to the Oikos, for half the price I might be being this particular flavor in the future. Several sites claim the added protein keeps you fuller longer. I would agree to a certain extent. I do feel more nourished when I eat it versus normal yogurt I feel is a treat. However, I do not think I would replace large parts of my diet with it or depend on it solely during a diet.

Now, we talked about what it is as far as putting it in your mouth…but WHY does it exist? From what I gather greek yogurt goes through a third straining process. This extra process removes whey and leaves it with the thicker consistency. (Nice) it also gives it less sugar, fewer carbs, almost twice the protein and I believe less gluten and sodium according to some sources. The downside is this third process also takes away a lot of the calcium normally found in yogurt. Most website suggest keeping both types in your fridge for a “sweets” substitution. Greek yogurt is also favored by many for cooking, its texture lends itself to being better for sauces, dips and dressings. Greek yogurt still has all the yummy live and active cultures, and depending on the brand you’re going to find some with too much added sugar, or organic or even high fats (trans fats even!) so watch your labels always!!

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6 thoughts on “Braces and Greek Yogurt

  1. i like the plain oikos b/c it's got less calories than the flavored stuff, and you can put whatever you want in there. i usually use honey or dried berries (cranberries, cherries and blueberries). i wasn't too sure about it at first b/c it's got a bit of tang to it, but i love the shit now, and eat it daily.

  2. Hey training for Cleveland Half starts in a week for us! Maybe we can meet at the towpath for one of our weekly runs of a long run on a Saturday!?

    I'm looking into the Presque Isle race in looks like it's the only race to run that month around here so I don't really have a choice 🙂

  3. Good luck with the braces! I had them for two and a half years and I know it seems awful, trust me, the moment you get them off, you will be thankful you had them. They make teeth so pretty. 🙂

    Mmmm Greek yogurt. I need to get some of that asap! Sounds yummy and anything healthy and delicious is a must-have in my book!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Julie!

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