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If you want to know more about speech and debate: NFL (National Forensic League)

Unfortunately, not much has happened in the world of ROJ as far as working out. The good news is my eating is more regular and I am not randomly feeling the need to fall asleep so I should be able to make it to the gym this week. I can’t believe the half is so close!! Ugg. This weekend I was supposed to do a great group run with SARC

However, I ended up staying at debate and helping with BIGS. Gale asked me when I started caring about speech and debate…it made me laugh. I told one of the other judges I think they put judging roofies in my drink because I had no idea why I was there. Actually, I know why. 1) Because being around the debate people makes me feel good and happy and alive. 2) I didn’t want to be selfish. I have countless weekends I can run, BIGS is just this weekend for the kids – and I was in their shoes once. 3) I was tired and didn’t want to drive an hour to the tri clinic anyway 4) Ok I’ll admit it; there was a boy I wanted to be around. HAHA isn’t there always a boy?

So I found myself sitting in round after round listening to teenagers debate if we should use economic sanctions…and to tell the truth I am still not sure what I think. Although, I must say it was interesting when one debater compared it to chemotherapy. “It’s simply one tool in the cure”. The other side replied “Yes but it’s a cure for something specific, it does not treat a cold or the flu. Economic sanctions affect many areas, including colds and flus, not just mere cancer”. Yep, that was stated. What do you do on YOUR Saturdays?

Really BIGS is like one big experiment in mental illness. People experience every emotion in high gear and in no way do they hold it in. You want cry you want to laugh you want to hug people you want to punch people…you can’t stand to be alone and you want everyone to just go away. Why am I going into this field for good? Of course my fine sense of humor was not appreciated by all…aka not everything has to be a sexual innuendo. I would argue yes it does. My most fun game is called “How uncomfortable can I try and make Charlie?” My two great examples of this game. Charlie would not talk to me so I told him “You make me sad on the inside (drawing a heart with my fingers) as he walked away without saying anything I yell to him “But any time you wanna make me feel good on the outside just let me know”. Later when Abby and I returned from Wendy’s he asked “Which one is mine?” of course referring to the bags and I say “The bigger one” and he takes it and I say “Isn’t that the answer every man wants to hear?” Again not appreciated. One of these days I’m going to get me a boyfriend who laughs at my lame jokes and loves me all the more for it! Better yet, I need one who will make the same jokes! We would be amazing!

I stayed longer than I planned in order to support Abby who had some awesome kids in rounds up to some very crucial moments and I didn’t want her to think I did not understand everything she does. ( ; I heart her! Anyway so I finished my book which I will talk about later in the week after book club meets….note to self, don’t read books that make you cry in public. I think at the end of the night despite all the cranky moments and nastiness and love and support and lack of communication in between from everyone and everything, we all left loving each other and loving what we do.

In 9th grade my friend Nicole and I decided we were so in awe of what we saw at the middle school when Holly Humes came to display drama skills, we would join the team. I spent a year in Dramatic Interp. I performed The Insanity of Mary Girard. It was such an experience. Then I did the 4way Rotary Contest and we decided I was meant to be a writer/presenter…and so to OO I went for the next 3 years. Also doing about a dozen other after school items along with working. I regret doing so much now. I wish I could go back and better dedicate myself to speech. The next few years I judged until one day I walked into the room and I was told “I don’t have a coach for LD” and was like “Well, sounds like an issue”. Yep I became the coach, and I was not sure I wanted it or was ready. Truth be told and he’ll laugh when he reads this, I was kinda afraid of Justin and knew he was the REAL and SERIOUS debate side coach. I wanted to play nicely with all the IE people. Debate people have good hearts though, for what is lacking in social skills (haha love you guys) and I quickly loved them all and wished I could have been a better coach. I wish I didn’t take time off, I wish I had forced myself to stick around. Eh what’s done is done, and when I was there today it fills my heart with joy to see it mean so much to so many for so long. Abby and I freezing on a bus at ass o clock in the morning, listening to Reel Big Fish on an old school CD player…11 years later, I’d argue we’re still just as boy crazy, still just as lost as to what to be when we grow up, but at least we don’t have to wait until the bus ride home for ballots!!

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  1. High school debate really fascinates me. When I was a reporter (both in college and in real-life, haha) I did several stories about debate teams. Those kids work SO FREAKING HARD and are so incredibly intelligent. I have so much respect for them. I think it's awesome you help out and judge these events. 🙂

  2. I've been delinquent from the running-ish blog world for a while, but I had to add a late comment on the Bigs post! This brought back so many speech & debate memories for me…I remember thinking what fun (or maybe “fun”) it would be to spend a few Saturdays judging. Who knows…our paths may have crossed some 11 years ago at some tournament in NE Ohio (although I did PP and Duo). 🙂

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