I hate making resolutions each year. I’m always tempted to do the same cliche things as before or I feel like I’m ripping off my friends if I don’t get them out there first. So here we go with resolutions.

1. Spend more time with my friends. This includes trying to make new friends. Closeness doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t happen without effort on both sides. I need to make sure I give effort where it’s deserved and walk away when it isn’t. I always talk about mutual respect, but do not always require it.

2. ENJOY life. Take the time to really think about what I am doing and WHY. School, running, friends, family nothing in life should be a CHORE. If I am unhappy about something then I need to change it, not just sit around and wait for a fancy distraction.

3. Stop swearing. Some of my friends wonder where this is from others are laughing at the idea. My opinion is, no respectable man or job wants a girl with a potty mouth. Certain social situation should be ok, but I feel badly about myself when I have to resort to it…I feel like I need to use my big girl words instead.

4. Along the line of friends. Don’t date losers. I shouldn’t be so mean. However, a nice smile and pretty eyes should only get a guy so far. Smooth talking is nice, but when the pit of your stomach is saying “I like him” and you can’t name the reasons WHY then it’s probably part of an act and not sincere interest. The latest guy? Called me several times in an hour only to cancel our plans 2 hours before because I wasn’t “responding”. I turned around and did the same thing (calling for an hour) this ended in some random girl answering his phone to the backdrop of bar noise and him hanging up as she tried to hand him the phone. Yep I pick winners.

5. Take time for me. Maybe not by running or playing online or watching TV. Maybe by reading or really sitting there with quiet meditation and really reflecting on things. There is nothing wrong with asking yourself questions and gathering answers from the inside.

6. Lose weight…such a shallow goal but this is more along the lines of taking better care of myself. I am the heaviest I’ve been in three years and I really do not like it. Hopefully it goes away as quickly as it’s come since I wasn’t this bad in October.

I guess those are enough for now. I mean who said we can only attempt to improve our lives starting at Jan first? Who says I can’t make adjustments as needed during the whole year? Maybe that should be #7, constant self improvement.

Here is a shot from the GNYE race, with my sister and our pups. Poor Emme pooped out around mile 1.5 and I carried her for a long time.


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