Off to a good start

Well I managed to get to the gym on Tuesday for Yoga as I had hoped. It totally kicked my butt, this was not the slow meditation yoga I was used to, and I LIKED it. I was surprised at what muscles I still had, and saddened by those I did not along with lack of flexibility. I didn’t stay for ABS can’t recall why, I probably wanted to make sure I wasn’t dying after the normal yoga class. It was such a hassle too because I left my ID in my other gym bag so I was running around doing errands for school (returning stuff, getting my parking ID, etc) and was late to the class anyway…almost did not go. So I made it and they allowed me in one time this semester w.o the card…gee thanks. I went home to try and get some sleep.

Wed I went and was ready with my ID in hand…smiles. I went to an indoor cycling class and I always love them, even if I am unsure of the benefit. The teacher was new to me, and I liked her music choices. It was a little hard to stay focused at some points and I found myself keeping it at a lower gear than I should have…but it was MY workout and I’m not going to hurt myself. Afterward I went to ABS and it was the teacher I LOVE for this little 20 minute work out. We kept it simple, but again if I couldn’t do something, I did something I COULD do and didn’t worry about what everyone else thought. MAJOR mind breakthrough for me! Seriously. I don’t know if I’ll open up and make friends yet, but at least I’m playing nicely and smiling. HAHA. Baby steps.

Thursday I fell victim to my slowly setting illness. My throat felt like it had a flesh eating virus all week and I spent R & F eating meds and feeling like craptastic. I almost called off Fri and wanted to cry I felt so icky. Mind you the like 6 hours of class after I went to work might have had something to do with it. Or the three cups of coffee…or the singing rap songs with my fellow white girls. Still. Eww.

Stayed up too late Friday as I was starting to breath again and didn’t want to lay down in bed. Slept in Sat, woke up better. The whole weekend consisted of making and breaking and changing plans with people…more tiring than actually going out! So now I sit, pondering what I’ll do this week. Hoping for better workout results and delaying homework. ( ; Hope everyone else is doing well…if anyone is still reading me? Ha.


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