I’m gonna be a real runner again

…but first I’m going to feel blah a little more. I went to the ortho on Mon and had my spacers placed. The said it would feel uncomfortable for a few days, but then I’d be fine. Well, I was fine M T W and then R all hell broke loose in my mouth. I wanted to die, and the thing is I did not eat real food this week! I have been living on things that are pretty much drinkable or if they need chewed and I do so with my front teeth. ) ; I’m quite hungry and feel like I’ve lose 20 million pounds. Anyway. If things keep hurting tomorrow I might call them. Mon of this week I get the metal spacers and then the 8th I get the full on braces. Would you like to see why I need braces?

side front

So I have some exciting stuff on the horizon of active life. I missed working out this week (grr) M I skipped for fear of the “pain” I was supposed to have. T I went to toastmasters instead which I LOVED and I met this girl name Mallory who is in a running club I’m interested in and now I might be seeing about tagging along to a half marathon in May in WI!! I mean hello cheese medal! Right? Sister might come too! W I went to dinner with some fellow grad students for 2 girls’ bday. I could do something tonight, and I probably will get on the treadmill and watch some TV to unwind.
Tomorrow I will take myself to Zumba again, even though I hated it a little bit, I liked seeing my friends and well I need it. BTW wanna see they products they sell on the official website? http://www.zumba.com/us/shop/
Sunday I might go on a group run with the Trotters for a few miles. Next week is Frostbite Prediction Run 5K and then Vday weekend also known as singles discrimination day if I feel bitter enough…I have 5K on Sat, my grandpa’s 80th bday and then Sun is the indoor tri. So good stuff coming good stuff coming.
I want to be honest about how sad I am about the weight I gained. I used to be around 135 back in the day…pre gallbladder issues. And I found out I was just over 150 around New Years. I haven’t weighed myself lately, I just like feeling as if I look smaller…but dude. Not cool. Maybe I’ll lose weight from dying of mouth pain. ( ; Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend.

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. You seem like you have been through a lot. You cannot let the weight gain win… take charge… perhaps all of these pain related issues are just challenges in disguise. You CAN DO IT!

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