Every little bit helps

So I can’t say I’ve full jumped back into things for 2010.  I have however do small improvements so I can’t complain.  Last week I do 2 miles on my treadmill, then the next night I did 30 mins which was about 2.5 miles.  I know nothing fancy but still something!  I planned to run more over the weekend but this weird thing happened where I have a social life and I went out both Friday and Sat night, and believe it or not it wasn’t with Tom!  This week school starts back up so I have access to the sweet ass gym.  I did not go last night…went to see my friend and her 6mo daughter.  I also think I have a flesh eating virus in my throat it hurts sooooo badly!  Tonight I am going to yoga.  No seriously, as soon as I send this email I am leaving work and going to yoga.  I was going to stay for an abs class but instead I’m going to a metro park for a meeting with Summit Athletic. SARC…some people I met at the Jingle Bell run and saw again NYE.  Should be good.  Runners in my area, Sand Run Metro Park…7pm  Mingo Pavillion.
Tomorrow is indoor cycle I think and then my first class of the semester.  I’m getting there…I’m getting there…the fact some races are coming up helps to make it more exciting.  Oh and I’ve lost 2 of the like 300 pounds I put on post 26.2.  Bleh. ( ;

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  1. Proud of you. Is SARC the running club? I was looking into that and I thought it might be a good group to sign on to (20$ membership rate?) Thanks for the suggestions for the June/July race.

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