Being happy is a good thing!

So I just had a little piece of happiness today.  I’ve been dieting about 2 weeks, being very good about things this week, OK other than the candy I gobbled the other night to keep from killing everyone because I was having such a craptastic week.  Well, I woke this morning and reluctantly pulled out my new skinny jeans.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them.  I put them on, prepared to squeeze and pull and twist my way in only to pull them back off.  Oddly, this did not happen.  They went on, they went on nicely and I could breathe!  I was able to breathe and sit and be comfortable.  It’s the end of the day I’ve even had real food and I can still say they feel good.  And I noticed the double chin I feared I was forming has slowly melted away.  The scale isn’t giving me what I want to read, but who sees that anyway?  And stop giving me that look.  Ladies you know you all have that pair of jeans you get on with a coat hanger and prayed laying on the floor and you still have to wear it with an over-sized sweater to cover the exploding muffin top you’ve created. ( ;  It was nice to wear cute pants and my new cute boots.  Merrell Prevoz. BTW I know I owe you all pics of the blonde and countless other things, but I’ve been updating from email so this weekend I’ll look into photo entertainment.

I went to yoga this week and it was really fun.  We learned how to flip our dogs and my teacher is really laid back.  A few other students had to stop some poses early too so I didn’t feel like such a loser.  I also went to ABS this week and that was so worth it!  And I was doing really well too!  I was so excited about going to cycling on Wednesday but they closed a ton of lots for the basketball game and I spent over 30 mins trying to find anywhere to park, before giving up and going home to take a nap.  See, I was tired because M T and W I woke early and went into the office for a 9 hour day.  I had to leave early Tuesday to see the oral surgeon (only to be told I didn’t need to be there) so yeah not cool.  Hopefully I am able to get more working out in next week, but I’m doing what I can when I can and that’s all I can do.  I need to bring the new ellip into the house this weekend too so when I do watch TV I can be productive.

My goal was to look good and have speed for Millcreek 1/2 in March.  We will see how that goes.  Tomorrow is a fun run in the CVNP…could have been snowshoe but no snow!  I’m the only person sad about nice weather in January.

Oh I have to tell you all about my Issues in Sexuality class.  My teacher is too cute and hasn’t been in America that long as I can tell.  We were talking about genitalia and she needed us to tell her slang for it.  Which ended with WHY WHY WHY each time.  I told her “kitty” and she’s like “Um like a cat?  Why would you pet a vagina?  I told her “to make it purr” the whole class laughed but she was still confused.  She also gave us the assignment to rent porn and bring it in…that quickly was vetoed by most of the class.  Party poopers.  And I’m fairly certain she asked us to all have more orgasms.  The best part was everyone writing a letter from the perspective of their vagina or penis.  Fun times for about an hour as she read them outloud anonymously.  Apparently mine is the only one who likes to quote Shakespeare. HAHA.  I’m so classy.

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