The panel has reached a verdict

I will be reading and commenting later…I’m about to leave to take a final so sorry Charlies. Anyway.

After thinking awhile and talking to people and soul searching or something of the sort I think I know where I’m going in the new year.

1) I really want to do a second marathon, but right now I want it for the wrong reasons. I want it to redeem myself I want to to impress other people I want it just for the sake of doing it…and with thoughts like that I won’t have fun training or running it when the day comes. And I don’t need the pressure of training during the semester…it’s the last one of class before internships and stuff so I need to be serious. I will look for one in the late summer/early fall instead. Any ideas?

2) Speed work is something I never thought I would be able to do, but as I was getting better in the fall I found my times were getting better and I loved it. I had dreams of running the Reindeer Run 5K in under 29 minutes…this was weekend I ran it in about 32:30. I just haven’t been running! Yuck. The thing is I get sad when I don’t improve and I don’t want my running to be about a goal I want it to be about fun. I’ve forgotten this past year why I even started doing sports to start with and I regret that mistake. I want to enjoy what I do I want it to be a stress relief from the rest of my life. So if I get faster, great, but we’re not aiming for any crazy goals right now…although keeping it near 9min miles would be nice for now.

3) I am mostly doing this option. I miss cycling, I miss swimming. I want to go hiking and snow shoeing and do some triathlons. I want to judge debate and I want to go to parties. I let running be the only thing I did and although that gets you somewhere running-wise, when you’re forced to take a break for whatever reason it leaves you a little empty. I want to be a full well rounded person. I just want to relax for a little while and not take life so seriously, I’m too young.

4) Ok Ok I will stop making fun of the fact that I need braces. To be honest it might not happen now. GRRR; See I also need teeth pulled and once that happens I need to wait until the gums heal or whatever before we can do braces. I can’t go into this knowing I will owe all that money to insurance when I graduate! So if this isn’t happening in the next 2-3 months I can’t go through with it at all. Too much risk. Yes, I might not ever have insurance again, but that’s a risk I might take…at least I’ll be making more money and not paying for grad school….maybe then I won’t “need” the insurance as much?

So I hope all is well for everyone else. Hope you’ll all enjoy my stories of exercise and play without always being running. I’ll reassess in the summer.

3 thoughts on “The panel has reached a verdict

  1. Hey..saw your comment…I have plans already for Thursday night. BUT i'd love to meet up and learn some speed work from ya! maybe after the new year when things slow down a bit?

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