Merry Christmas – ROJ style

This will be a very image heavy post so hope you’re ok with that…again I think we’re past the days of overloading people if you don’t cut…still let me know and I’ll edit it needed.

So let’s see what I can share with you…first of all you all know I am going to be the world’s best therapist someday…ok maybe not the best but pretty darn close. Hear is a secret though, if I were to marry into money and didn’t have to work or if therapy was outlawed or something what I would LOVE to be is a cookie/cake maker. Have I shown you some of my cookies/cakes? Let me see what pics I can find…ok right now nothing too impressive so don’t go hiring me from this, but is a few fun items

10-10-09 001 aug22_2009 127 IMG_1767

Now I will tell you about my wonderful gifts lol. My sis came over to stay the night on Christmas Eve, it wasn’t too eventful, we watched movies and ate pizza. I began working on my grandma’s scarf…I haven’t crocheted in over a year but thought it would just come back to me. It wasn’t a disaster per se but I surely could have used more time and using a new more complicated yarn was probably not a good idea anyway. Here’s a picture…

IMG_0021 IMG_0024

I got the one thing I wanted most, which was a new digital camera. The one I had before was a good girl and did her job but it was time for an upgrade. Where I was using like 4x zoom and a memory card that held 256mb or whatever. Now I have 10 mega pixel bleh bleh bleh happiness. You’ll see the pretty pictures. Now when I push the button to take a pic the camera actually takes the picture instead of thinking about it and then sometimes thinking it would be a good idea. HAHA. So what else do we have hear ladies and gentlemen? We have candies, scarves, USB HUB, wireless mouse, xmas barbie collections, new purse, digital frame, giraffe tea pot, new slipper boots….not quite Merrell but those are coming, new family quilt from grandma and sweaters. We also have pics of Emily and her stocking, sister and some of her gifts (I made the “farmville” blanket) and Mom getting in on the fun too.

IMG_0019 IMG_0001 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0007 IMG_0017 IMG_0026 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0030


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