Tides are turning

Ok so I’m still not back on track with the running but I have been caring more. Last weekend I went hiking with my family and am happy to report we only have two more to finish our hiking spree…will do that this weekend I’m sure. And without my knowing it I ran into a blogging friend and her friends last Sunday. I read her blog and saw the pics and was like “OMG I was there I saw that couple and I played with that dog” what a small world!

Sister and I woke early and went to downtown yesterday for the 5miler. I will not be going back next year if they keep this new course. It was queer. And not in an insulting way, in a true to the word way. We went 2.5 up a road then 2.5 ish back. Along the way we saw several abandoned buildings, mostly of Asian cuisine nature…some signs not even in English, broken windows with wooden boards, state liquor agency and food stop accepting the welfare card, one open office building offering *CORRECTIONAL ADVOCACY AND REENTRY SERVICES* and so much more! Oh wait the sign at the parking lot telling you to put your junk in your trunk. Way too many people way boring route way cold and way too pricey for what you get. Next year going to the one closer to home. We ran the first mile around 12 mins, then she wanted to walk and we walked and talked the next 3 miles and ran in the last part from 4 to 5 and part of that had a nice little uphill so I was proud of her.

Dinner at Grandmas was nice…met some new family members…saw old ones too. One of my cousins is running the full Pittsburgh marathon next year, that should be fun for her. My Aunt suggested I should do Glass City in the spring…we’ll see. Food was good and that’s about it for that.

Today I slept in and went shopping around 10. Still managed to get everything I wanted and it was all on sale. I didn’t have to deal with long lines or crazy people. Greatest deal? For me I’d say it was one of my new pairs of Merrell shoes. A little over 10.00 off and then 20% more on top of that…these shoes NEVER go on sale. They’re a pair of suede clogs in this very pretty mint color. I also scored a pair of black and brown smaller flats also on sale but not the 20 percent off, only about 20.oo still amazing. Although apparently they had others on sale and in stock @ midnight for up to 60.00 dollars off! Crap! Might sleep there next year hahaha

I feel like I’ve been miserable forever…but really it’s only been a month since the race and I guess there are worst reactions. I really will start to perk up on Monday. I will go to the gym I will care again and I will stop getting so freaking itchy. Maybe then I will do well at the New Years Eve race? Reindeer is out, gonna walk it with the sis and the puppies. Maybe Gal’lop?

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

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