My fabulous comeback

Well guess I’m still allowed to run and haven’t let the community down. lol. Went out and did Run 4 Shelter 5k. This is the third time I’ve done this race. In 2007 I met Gale’s daughter and I had bronchitis and ran (smart I know). In 2008 I ran it and finished in 29:59 and couldn’t have been happier it was my first sub 30. ( ; This year I knew I would be looking forward to it, and it would force me to get back off my ass after the marathon.

My alarm went off and I felt really refreshed and for a second I just KNEW I must have set the alarm wrong and overslept. Somehow no this wasn’t the case…so I dressed and played online a little and off to the road. I arrived with about 15 mins to spare and got my number, saw Diane and then saw Gale an Shawn, hugged them both and we chatted for a second. Thinking of doing the marathon in Pitts next spring, should be a fun training season starting around Jan/Feb. I’m excited.

So we started and I just had this goal to have fun and keep going, I tuned into mu music and tried to find a pace regardless of whatever it ended up to be. I found marker one before I thought I would and was still with Gale, and saw a marker for 9:15, which I didn’t think I was going that fast and my lungs burned a little. I was about to hit a hill though and knew I would need a little of that time. So I started the hill and managed not to walk it and that’s awesome because soooo many people do walk it. I got to the top and kept going forward, took some water and tried to keep my pace up. I felt like I was running not just staying steady and when we went to the downhill I just opened up and flew down to the bottom, I felt awesome, but I turned around and looked at the clock from mile one (a little after what would have been mile 2) and it was in the 21:xx’s and that made me sad because I was hoping to keep up the mile one effort. I was more happy about just running though since I haven’t since the race. YIKES. So yeah I had a little trouble around the last part, mostly because the HORRID wind…everyone commented on the wind. And I heard Shawn yelling and tried to kick it up…apparently I left my kick in Canada…whoops. So I managed to pull it in at 30:57 not the greatest not the worst, 9:59 pace. Still managed to get me 3rd in my age group.

So I’m back in the running business. MIGHT do one tomorrow AM while avoiding this paper I need to write. Overall just pleased to have finished, not walk, and a rather decent time. I was expecting 33-34 mins in all honesty or just plain 12 min miles. So good to know I’m not broken.

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