Still recovering

HOLY crap someone didn’t warn me the things running a marathon will do to your body. It’s on again off again with my legs liking me. Of course work has been busy with people being out sick and I had a presentation Thursday night in class on the treatment of bibliotherapy…very cool stuff. The more I learn about my field the more I can’t wait to be a therapist. It’s amazing the things we can do the help ease the mind and heart, and we do it because we care and isn’t that the most anyone can ask from another person?

Now that my head is on better I feel terrible for not enjoying my race aftermath more. I feel guilty for the way I complained about my time and I know I’m insulting those who took longer or for whatever reason didn’t finish their race and that’s plain WRONG of me. I’ll admit though I’m totally hooked and can’t WAIT for my next one…and I’ve learned I don’t use vacation time as I should so please feel free to advertise to me your local race and I’ll come visit! LoL. As long as I have enough time to recover/relax/retrain before hand. They’re starting a program at school for person training and it’s REALLY reasonably priced and I think I’m going to do it. It’ll hold me more personally accountable and a trained professional can assist me with questions or adjustments along the way to maximize my efforts. Who knows maybe I’ll learn to run sub 2:30:00 half and dear I ever hope for a 5 hours marathon in the spring? lol. You never know!

Anyway, here are some race pics…26.2 miles and I only have 4 shots! Grr. Not racing this weekend, instead I am SLEEPING, grocery shopping, moving spring clothes and winter clothes into the right closet space and attending a wedding. Have a great Halloween to those celebrating.

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