Ok it’s gonna work this time – 20 miles tomorrow!

Ok so I’m slowly coming out of the funk I’ve been in. Much slower than I would like but still any progress is progress. Monday I did about 3-4 miles at home, Tuesday I didn’t (lol) Wednesday things fell apart with swimming yet again and I ended up at home doing about 5-6 miles at home. BTW South Park is very funny no matter how wrong they are at times.

I learned yesterday one of my buddies is sick so the race I planned in Lakewood would not involve beating her. Grrr. However since it wasn’t raining I got dressed and went up to do the race. I ran into some casual friends so that was nice not to be lonely and we ran one of my fav courses, it’s so fast and flat. I hit mile one around 9:15 which is good because I need to stop going out so fast but it was sad when I’ve been hearing #s that start with 8. I hit mile two around 19:20ish I think and I was like WOW over 10 mins that’s NOT OK and I knew I had backed off too much. So I tried to push it the last mile and I could feel pinches in my side from not running lately and not running fast lately but I just took deep controlled breaths and went for it – knowing if I could at least stay under 10 mins I’d still have a sub 30. So I hear 28:45 at 3 miles and I knew I wouldn’t PR but I could still be happy. I kicked it as much as I could and someone passed me which is very rare for the end because I normally have such a strong kick. I managed to get in around 29:33 clock time. Small race to nothing worth taking off if it WAS chip timed anyway. I’m happy with sub 30’s coming in so much lately and besides I had to go to spinning and I have 20 miles tomorrow…but LOOK I have BLONDE hair so I HAVE to start running faster right? The pigment isn’t holding me back anymore!

So after the run I had a few snacks and stretched and was made fun of for not being cold. I can’t help it my core hates me! And I went home to see my Mom and the pups since my sister’s dog is visiting this weekend. I went to lunch with Mom and had half of a ridiculous sandwich at Rockne’s and some fries. Then I had to get changed and go to Spin-for-Life for something my company is connected to, but I got to ride for two hours for free and normally it’s 200 per hour!!! So I got a nifty purple tech shirt and I got some more exercise. I was surprised how quickly time passes at this event. They show movies and clips of Tour de France and have a coach who is talking like the WHOLE time but he’s fun and funny. One of the clips showed a guy who didn’t have a bike seat anymore…how much would THAT suck if it happened?? Ouch. So I didn’t change my resistance(I wanted to make sure I didn’t overdo it) and now I’m glad I did because I feel tired in a GOOD way and I feel more like myself than I have in a LONG LONG time and I don’t know why I let stress and being busy get the best of me and take me away from something I love and work so hard at. Anyway, I’m ready for this 20 miles tomorrow…I know this is the right time, and it will be accomplished. For your viewing pleasure, a pic of me and the pups…I woke up from a nap and they were there.


Can’t wait to post tomorrow and tell you all about the long run. Have a great weekend everyone

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  1. Hi Julie! My first visit here. Great read. I too am running my first Marathon at Niagara Falls on October 25. I did 21 miles today. Huray for the taper!!!

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