It’s official

You have been registered in the 2009 Niagara Falls International Marathon on October 25th.
Guess I better book my hotel! It was so cool to get this email, it’s all becoming so real now. I went to swim practice tonight and I will probably go trail running tomorrow for a few miles as long as my midterm is finished (which is due in class tomorrow night). Sat is the FUNNEST ever 5k and then Sunday is Towpath half which apparently just sold out for the first time ever. How cool is that? I’ll have lots of company ( ; Good luck to everyone else in their adventures and feel better to all my sick and injured friends.
BTW my puppy got sick this week. I’m such a good puppy mommy! Everyone said she was fine everyone said I was being crazy. I made an appointment and she has an upper respiratory infection. Ewww she’s on meds for 10 days, and she’s finally acting more like herself. So gold star on my chart?

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