quick week summary before the weekend

I am very excited about this weekend, I have a lot of fun things planned. Tonight my friend Tom and I are going to see the Final Destination 4 (3-d), then we are going to STOMP (Summit Tour Of Metro Parks) a bike ride in the Am, not sure about the night maybe just hanging out and doing reading for class, Sunday I an not doing anything other than school work or maybe seeing some friends and Monday is Aurora Labor run with a 1 mile run at the start and then a 5k. I plan to go all out on the one miler just to see how fast I can do it. I know I’ll be a little spent for the 5k and maybe won’t come in at anything impressive, but you have to pick and chose your battles.

This week was a crappy week for working out! After my 18 miles I let things slide. Monday was rest day and well earned I must say! Tuesday I got caught up at work late, got home late and before I knew it needed to take Emme to dog training school, afterward I was just so tired I went to bed. Wednesday I was all set for swim team practice (I might join) and planned to do at least 5 miles afterward, but went to dinner with a bunch of ladies from my program at this Indian food place. We got home sooo late and I just went to bed again and crashed. Last night I DID go to the gym. It was a bad day overall though. I left my wallet at home, almost ran out of gas and various other joys. I made it 1 mile on the treadmill before I just didn’t think my heart was in it and stopped. I did three on this weird elliptical that was almost like running, then went up to an abs class and afterward did another 2.5 on an indoor bike. I know it’s still good I did SOMETHING but I was disappointed. I was stressed all week too (can’t imagine why with my lifestyle) so all that working out brought on a little bit of a cry when I left the gym, but I still had to go to class. Got home near 11 and immediately spilled hot cocoa on my NEW and Favorite running hood and it stained. I tried rinsing and scrubbing and washing right away and there is a brown spot/streak combo down the side still. VERY not cool!

But now it’s off to Friday and hopefully the start of a grand weekend. I plan to take my camera to STOMP so at least that should be colorful. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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  1. Have fun at the movie tonight! It looks great. Oh gosh, and I cringed when I read about your running hood. That sucks! And that is so something that would happen to me. Sigh. I really hope it comes out eventually!

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