New 5K PR

Who knows when the actual results will go up but here is a quick story before the good stuff. I went to the Hudson Chili 5k with my Mom Sat night. I didn’t want to go. I was not in a good mood Sat for whatever reason and I have not been running so I didn’t think I’d do very well and I knew that would irritate me. I didn’t wear my normal running clothes, didn’t have my sunglasses, didn’t wear Garmin and didn’t bring my can do attitude. I just wanted to run 3 lousy miles and eat some wonderful Chili. Well I get to mile one and I hear them say “8:45” and I was like well I have 2 choices. I can back off or I can see what I can do and I chose option 2. Mile 2 came up faster than I thought it would, but not time counter and I wasn’t wearing a watch. Mile three was at the end of a big hill that I tried to run down as quickly as possible. I saw the clock and thought ti said 29:10ish so I was trying to beat 30 really badly…but as I neared the clock I realized it was still in the 28s. I push and pushed and did my best and despite how much I wanted it I could not break that 29 minute mark. I’d say it was no more than 29:10 but I honestly think it was less than that even. I very much regret not wearing my Garmin to capture the moment.

However now I have a sore throat, but I am going to go do 5 miles. Maybe just on the treadmill inside watching TV so I can be distracted. I’m pouting today BTW. I had an AWESOME date Friday night only to get a call Sunday where he was going on and on about having commitment issues or something and not feeling the right “spark”, apparently he jumped back into the dating thing a little too soon after his break up. I guess I can respect that, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be bummed a lil for myself! Anyway boys are just distractions from the better things in life…like a marathon in a month and 4 days.

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  1. Date SCHMATE!!! That was good of him to let you know up front, even though it was a bummer! It's amazing how we create good luck charms out of our clothes, glasses, shoes, watch, etc. Proud of you!!!!

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