I blame all of you

Ok maybe that’s harsh but all of you with your injuries and sob stories, you’re contagious! Take something and keep it to yourself! Kidding kidding I love you all….however I must sadly admit there was no 20 miles accomplished this weekend.

I woke up Sat and felt like I was hit by a truck…a truck delivery pain and mucus just for me. I tired telling them it was the wrong address, but that was not to be believed. So I spent my Sat feeling like crap, chilling with the sis costume shopping and getting in and out of the car in the rain. Oh and I ate @ IHOP which was yummy.

Sunday I woke up @ 730 and felt good but sleepy so I thought I would sleep a little longer and when I got up I felt AWESOME. Finally the cold was gone and I was energetic. I readied myself and got onto the trail and within half a mile I hurt. My legs were cramping and having spasms which I think is due to the poor nutrition and hydration of the prior week from the being sick. I didn’t want to pull anything so I walked. Walking made it hurt MORE and I was hacking stuff up (sorry for the visual) so defeated I walked back to the car, doing about 3.2 miles in 54 minutes…yea I know not good.

I spent the rest of the day pouting and doing homework.

Now I have no more “safety” weeks…and this is what I have to do until race day…which big announcement I sent my paperwork in today so no turning back!!!

Oct 3: I have a 5K in Lakewood, which my goal is to run faster than one of my friends…we’ll see. I’m sad because I have to skip my company’s spin-a-thon but I would be too sore the next day otherwise

Oct 4th: 20 miles….or else!!!

October 10th: 5K in Akron (my FAV or the whole year!!!) We go through a cemetery!!

October 11th: I am supposed to do a 12 mile long run, I have the Towpath half marathon so check!

October 17th: I will be n Vegas for the weekend, I am planning to run a local 5K there just because I am that much of an addict

October 18th: Supposed to do 8miles, but let’s be honest I won’t I’m on vacation and I’ll be in Vegas I’ll probably walk 2 marathons just in that weekend anyway!

October 24th: EXPO!!!! And other such I’ll be freaking out activities

October 25th: MY VERY FIRST MARATHON. I know I’ll do this. I just hope I do it as well as I plan and that I have FUN. I need to remember time doesn’t matter just get it over with and no turning back. Right?

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  1. Hey..I want to do the 5k in Akron! Or at least make a sign for you and introduce myself while you're speeding by :)I'm half tempted to do the towpath half also 🙂 but I wouldn't know how to prepare from one half to another so soon 🙂

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