Happy Friday!

First I want to wave hello to 2 new reads, I feel special because I am in the double digits now.

Next I want to say good luck and have a wonderful time tomorrow for all my loves who will be a part of the 2009 Akron Marathon! From 3.1 to 26.2, volunteers to spectators you ALL are what makes it special and you are ALL awesome in my book!

Now I want everyone to know I am not sick, it was touch and go there for a lil while, but thanks to a steady stream of water tea and various meds I think I killed anything and everything evil living inside of me. I stayed in but did 5 miles at home Monday and it made me miss running so much. Wed I skipped swim, but my chest was burning from being sick. Thursday I went to the gym, pulled off 5.25 miles, did my abs class which I was really surprised how much stronger my core has gotten and I am able to do so much more now than I was months or even weeks ago!

Tonight I went to the expo even though I was only window shopping. I found another Bondi Band (yes I’m addicted) this one is black with a purple skull. The skull is a cross bones design with like a pirate patch over an eye but the patch is a heart and the skull has eyelashes and a bow on her head. I hear skull girls! I also saw some people from Fleet Feet and it was weird because the guy said HI like he knew me, but people never know me so I thought he was selling stuff. He was like “Hi, it’s Fleet Feet” and I realized he was actually saying hi to ME as a person. It was so cool to be recognized by the store. I tried on a plain white tank but it was too see through for my tastes. We chatted another minute and I walked on. Later on I saw these awesome boards where you can display your medals and I’m asking my grandpa to make me one for Christmas.

Tomorrow I will wake at some hour….hopefully not too late and I will attempt my 20 mile long run. AHHHHH> Very nervous. MY new plan for the full is to walk/run the whole thing. But to pace at 12 mins the first 13 then 13 mins the second half. If I feel stronger near the end I’ll run more but the plan is to FINISH this one and improve on the next. Tomorrow I will try to do 10 miles at 12 and 10 miles at 13. This is what I will do for me because other methods have played too many mind games on me. I will just run for the first mile. When I get to mile 1 I will start to walk for whatever time is left until 12 minutes. I will run to miles 2, then walk until 24 mins and so on and so forth, I did this in swim practice last week and really liked the results. Well hope everyone else has great things planned this weekend.

Oh and if you get a chance go visit my friend Beth and tell her stories on how she can and will recover from her foot injury.

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. RE: What an honor being mentioned by Steve Runner. The race is a a 15K loop in Presque ISle. Unlike Mill Creek park it will be flat. Just glad I didnt drive an hour and half first.

  2. HI! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I always forget that things are meant to be. It's the absolute truth, but it escapes me and I forget the big picture.

    Tell us how the 20 miler went!!! Can't wait.

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