Excuses or Logic?

So I haven’t done much running this week. I’ll be honest there’s a certain boy who has been distracting me all week *giggles* but that shouldn’t be any excuse for an excellent dedicated runner like myself right? yeahhh

So Monday I had my rest day and given what I pulled in that half I earned it and needed it. Tuesday I had every good intentions of running, but took Emme to puppy class, talked on the phone forever and a day and just sort of rested my calves some more. Wednesday I went to swim practice and did like 90 minutes of various working out (so THAT felt great) and today I am so tired from lack of sleep and life in general and there is no way I could go run I am barely able to stay awake in a chair (grr) and I have homework! Tomorrow I could run and just might go for a short few miles after work, but not enough to prep me for the 20 miles I was set for.

I chose to skip my 20 miles this weekend. I am doing a 5k Sat night and I’ll go do at least 10 miles on Sunday but I’m in now form for my 20. I was going to go out of town next week and not run at all but I am skipping my trip and am moving the 20 there. This way I can be better trained for it and it’s a week closer to my real race which in my weird logic will make me somehow more ready for the real deal.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not a “good” or “faithful” runner but it wasn’t very smart to attempt this training at this point in time anyway! LoL. IF I do another one next year it’s doing to be before I head back to grad school!

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