Buckeye Half Marathon 2009

Well today was the Buckeye Half Marathon and I was not excited about it. My left calf still hurt from Labor Day and a few times I felt my whole leg go numb and I almost tripped. I also stayed out too late last night, didn’t run all week and didn’t eat properly and all the other excuses I could make but really why am I doing so because…..I MADE A NEW PERSONAL RECORD BY SIX MINUTES!

A while back I ran Presque Isle Half as you may recall and brought that in at a beautiful 2:40:xx and I felt awesome. Today I finished in an impressive 2:34:xx and I felt like crap. Ha. Note to self, beans with caffeine might give me a kick, but they also mess with my heart rate and make me feel icky. A few times I stopped and walked and was almost in tears I felt so sick, although that may have been because I was going way too fast for myself. I hit mile 5 in like 52ish minutes which is crazy fast for me. Don’t get me wrong I am beyond please with the results, but I know I can’t do something like that next month and still make it another 13.1 miles to the finish line.

We started off and I was just planning to have a nice day. There was a girl ahead of me in really tiny red shorts and I think I’ve seen her and she’s amazing. A few miles into it I passed her up and it gave me a lil confidence boost. I hit mile 1 around 10 mins and wanted to slow down, somehow slowing down involved going even fast or something? Hmm I hit mile 3 just over half an hour and I was worried I would crash. There were parts of the course I knew were just long stretches of road and were pretty boring, but keeping my pace up helped hold me with others and seeing other people kept me motivated to keep chugging away. Around the half way mark I felt a little woozy and tried to walk it off knowing I was 50% completed. Walking didn’t helping, running didn’t help, I felt so so sick. Finally my stomach settled and I started running again very angry with myself for not feeling well. A few people passed me up and told me to keep going. I looked at my Garmin and I was SO ahead of what I normally was at I was pleased and I think letting myself not push myself created too much walking.

I took off down the corn road for the second loop and the sun was getting me also (I’m sporting a sexy burn now!) great. Oh and at some point my feet were numb (new shoes) so I wondered off the path to fix them…had to do this twice which explains the extra .1 miles. I also have some very lovely blisters now. Grrr.

The last mile I was trying to hard to pull in at that 2:30 goal and all of a sudden it was like something snapped in my diaphragm again (yeah I know) and I couldn’t breath. I was bent over and gasping for air. Frank ran past asking if I was OK, I told him not really, but I knew I didn’t need medical help, I probably just needed a swift kick in the butt and some sense knocked into me! I didn’t want to just be walking it in though so up the hill and started running down, got on the rocky finish path and saw the clock…it was saying 2:30-someting…I sprinted it in knowing I was getting a new record and being so so beyond words happy.

I took off about 20 minutes from my time last year, have a rockin red hoodie now and sore legs. ( ; I chatted to a few people and went on my merry way.


Distance: 13.20 miles
Time: 2:34:01
Speed: 5.1 mph
Pace: 11′ 40 /mi
Calories: 1472


Mile Pace (min/mile) Speed (mph) Elevation


actual +/- avg actual +/- avg
1 10′ 01 -1′ 39 6.0 +0.8 +3 ft
2 10′ 02 -1′ 38 6.0 +0.8 -3 ft
3 10′ 12 -1′ 28 5.9 +0.7 -17 ft
4 10′ 37 -1′ 03 5.7 +0.5 0 ft
5 10′ 36 -1′ 04 5.7 +0.5 -3 ft
6 11′ 20 -0′ 20 5.3 +0.1 +10 ft
7 12′ 33 +0′ 53 4.8 -0.4 0 ft
8 11′ 23 -0′ 17 5.3 +0.1 +16 ft
9 13′ 04 +1′ 24 4.6 -0.6 +4 ft
10 12′ 31 +0′ 51 4.8 -0.4 -20 ft
11 12′ 30 +0′ 50 4.8 -0.3 0 ft
12 12′ 23 +0′ 43 4.8 -0.3 -16 ft
13 14′ 19 +2′ 39 4.2 -1.0 +36 ft
end 10′ 34 -1′ 06 5.7 +0.5 -9 ft
Versus average of 11′ 40 min/mile
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