I blame all of you

Ok maybe that’s harsh but all of you with your injuries and sob stories, you’re contagious! Take something and keep it to yourself! Kidding kidding I love you all….however I must sadly admit there was no 20 miles accomplished this weekend.

I woke up Sat and felt like I was hit by a truck…a truck delivery pain and mucus just for me. I tired telling them it was the wrong address, but that was not to be believed. So I spent my Sat feeling like crap, chilling with the sis costume shopping and getting in and out of the car in the rain. Oh and I ate @ IHOP which was yummy.

Sunday I woke up @ 730 and felt good but sleepy so I thought I would sleep a little longer and when I got up I felt AWESOME. Finally the cold was gone and I was energetic. I readied myself and got onto the trail and within half a mile I hurt. My legs were cramping and having spasms which I think is due to the poor nutrition and hydration of the prior week from the being sick. I didn’t want to pull anything so I walked. Walking made it hurt MORE and I was hacking stuff up (sorry for the visual) so defeated I walked back to the car, doing about 3.2 miles in 54 minutes…yea I know not good.

I spent the rest of the day pouting and doing homework.

Now I have no more “safety” weeks…and this is what I have to do until race day…which big announcement I sent my paperwork in today so no turning back!!!

Oct 3: I have a 5K in Lakewood, which my goal is to run faster than one of my friends…we’ll see. I’m sad because I have to skip my company’s spin-a-thon but I would be too sore the next day otherwise

Oct 4th: 20 miles….or else!!!

October 10th: 5K in Akron (my FAV or the whole year!!!) We go through a cemetery!!

October 11th: I am supposed to do a 12 mile long run, I have the Towpath half marathon so check!

October 17th: I will be n Vegas for the weekend, I am planning to run a local 5K there just because I am that much of an addict

October 18th: Supposed to do 8miles, but let’s be honest I won’t I’m on vacation and I’ll be in Vegas I’ll probably walk 2 marathons just in that weekend anyway!

October 24th: EXPO!!!! And other such I’ll be freaking out activities

October 25th: MY VERY FIRST MARATHON. I know I’ll do this. I just hope I do it as well as I plan and that I have FUN. I need to remember time doesn’t matter just get it over with and no turning back. Right?

Happy Friday!

First I want to wave hello to 2 new reads, I feel special because I am in the double digits now.

Next I want to say good luck and have a wonderful time tomorrow for all my loves who will be a part of the 2009 Akron Marathon! From 3.1 to 26.2, volunteers to spectators you ALL are what makes it special and you are ALL awesome in my book!

Now I want everyone to know I am not sick, it was touch and go there for a lil while, but thanks to a steady stream of water tea and various meds I think I killed anything and everything evil living inside of me. I stayed in but did 5 miles at home Monday and it made me miss running so much. Wed I skipped swim, but my chest was burning from being sick. Thursday I went to the gym, pulled off 5.25 miles, did my abs class which I was really surprised how much stronger my core has gotten and I am able to do so much more now than I was months or even weeks ago!

Tonight I went to the expo even though I was only window shopping. I found another Bondi Band (yes I’m addicted) this one is black with a purple skull. The skull is a cross bones design with like a pirate patch over an eye but the patch is a heart and the skull has eyelashes and a bow on her head. I hear skull girls! I also saw some people from Fleet Feet and it was weird because the guy said HI like he knew me, but people never know me so I thought he was selling stuff. He was like “Hi, it’s Fleet Feet” and I realized he was actually saying hi to ME as a person. It was so cool to be recognized by the store. I tried on a plain white tank but it was too see through for my tastes. We chatted another minute and I walked on. Later on I saw these awesome boards where you can display your medals and I’m asking my grandpa to make me one for Christmas.

Tomorrow I will wake at some hour….hopefully not too late and I will attempt my 20 mile long run. AHHHHH> Very nervous. MY new plan for the full is to walk/run the whole thing. But to pace at 12 mins the first 13 then 13 mins the second half. If I feel stronger near the end I’ll run more but the plan is to FINISH this one and improve on the next. Tomorrow I will try to do 10 miles at 12 and 10 miles at 13. This is what I will do for me because other methods have played too many mind games on me. I will just run for the first mile. When I get to mile 1 I will start to walk for whatever time is left until 12 minutes. I will run to miles 2, then walk until 24 mins and so on and so forth, I did this in swim practice last week and really liked the results. Well hope everyone else has great things planned this weekend.

Oh and if you get a chance go visit my friend Beth and tell her stories on how she can and will recover from her foot injury.

New 5K PR

Who knows when the actual results will go up but here is a quick story before the good stuff. I went to the Hudson Chili 5k with my Mom Sat night. I didn’t want to go. I was not in a good mood Sat for whatever reason and I have not been running so I didn’t think I’d do very well and I knew that would irritate me. I didn’t wear my normal running clothes, didn’t have my sunglasses, didn’t wear Garmin and didn’t bring my can do attitude. I just wanted to run 3 lousy miles and eat some wonderful Chili. Well I get to mile one and I hear them say “8:45” and I was like well I have 2 choices. I can back off or I can see what I can do and I chose option 2. Mile 2 came up faster than I thought it would, but not time counter and I wasn’t wearing a watch. Mile three was at the end of a big hill that I tried to run down as quickly as possible. I saw the clock and thought ti said 29:10ish so I was trying to beat 30 really badly…but as I neared the clock I realized it was still in the 28s. I push and pushed and did my best and despite how much I wanted it I could not break that 29 minute mark. I’d say it was no more than 29:10 but I honestly think it was less than that even. I very much regret not wearing my Garmin to capture the moment.

However now I have a sore throat, but I am going to go do 5 miles. Maybe just on the treadmill inside watching TV so I can be distracted. I’m pouting today BTW. I had an AWESOME date Friday night only to get a call Sunday where he was going on and on about having commitment issues or something and not feeling the right “spark”, apparently he jumped back into the dating thing a little too soon after his break up. I guess I can respect that, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be bummed a lil for myself! Anyway boys are just distractions from the better things in life…like a marathon in a month and 4 days.