What happened to my foot?

This week started out amazing. On Sunday I did the 10 miler in an almost record time. I recovered quickly and felt great all day and into the morning. Monday night I went to the gym and knocked out 16 miles and still felt great and the next morning wasn’t limping or having many issues. I even wore these cute little floral flats. And this might have been the issue. These shows do not support at all and are cut just a tad strangely. I felt a weird pressure point in my left foot, but sit mostly at work so didn’t worry. Wed I woke up and felt like I needed to cut it off! There was a tightness in the ball of my foot, it didn’t really hurt, and I could walk normally but it felt like I needed to crack my foot. Do you know what I mean? Like when your back feels a little odd so you lean backward and it pops a little and then suddenly the pressure/cramp is gone and you’re back to normal? That’s what it feels like in my left foot.

I took a rest day Tuesday and I wore my yoga toes and did some stretching and work with a tennis ball. Wed I woke and it wasn’t much better…however Wed night I did go to the gym and knocked out a little more than 4 miles, at a 11:00 pace (trying to keep between 10-11 as long as I can now) and it was fine while moving. I went to an aerobics class for 45 minutes after and at times I felt the cramp but it didn’t ruin anything and then I did my hour of yoga and that helped my whole body feel great. I decided since it was the last yoga class for a while I wanted to do my best. While in downward dog I really stretched my legs and managed to get the right side all the way to the mat with my heel! The left would barely budge. So I’ve decided it’s a “this bones connected to the that bone” issue but with muscles and something is pulled which is making the tightness in my foot. Grrr.

Thursday I did not run, and it felt either the same or better or was just getting used to it. More stretching/tennis ball this night and then Friday it STILL was hurting so again no more running. *tears* today it felt ok when I was out of bed, but then it felt a little memory of a pinch while outside with the dog. I am going for a spa day today (I won it as a race a few months back) I get to have a 1 hour massage and 30 mins in the sauna. I’m hoping this will loosen whatever I did and I can get my 12 miles in later this afternoon or evening. I am going to preview a new TV show this night with my friend so that makes timing crucial. And I can’t really delay it until Monday because I have an eye appointment and……I go back to school!

Fix it friends!


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