Twilight Trail 8K & Perfect 10 Miler

I wasn’t going to write about this one, but it was a lot of fun and I have a few minutes before work.

I arrived about an hour before it was supposed to start and ran into Frank and Kelli in the parking lot. Kelli and I talked a while and discussed various races and marathon ideas. When I picked up my stuff they offered to jump me an age bracket (staggered start) for a $5 donation to the Women’s Rape Crisis Center, I knew unless they had a personal “Julie” category I wasn’t placing but it was a good cause. Cleveland Plays Racing did this one (See Sunset Relay) so we were given very nice tech shirts and I was early enough to snag a women’s large which is a much sexier fit than my men’s large! Also, the men’s at this race we sleeveless and as nice as a tank is I don’t like tanks for running, it’s just me.

Nearly twice as many people showed as they were expecting so there was about a 30 minute delay as they got everyone set up. I was in the 3rd or 4th starting group and when we started I felt GOOD. I was clearing ground and passing a few people up, then we hit the trail and we hit this hill. I think at one point this hill went upside down like a coaster loop. I tried to run I tried to walk, I wanted to sit down and swear. Then my music chimed in near the top (after everyone and their brother somehow power walked past) and the creepy guy on the track announced “it’s time to start RUNNING…..” and said out loud “you’re right”and started moving my feet in a running motion, still not getting far with the incline but after a lil bit the group fixed itself and I was in motion! Calves were a lil tight but I managed to run most of the trail. 8K 4.9 miles.

Normally I don’t carry my IPOD but I’m glad I did. At each point I wanted to walk a great song came on. Like the “There’s no limit” No No No there s no limit we’ll reach for the sky No No limit won’t give up this fight, we do what we want and we do it with pride! How can you go wrong with that? Near mile 4 we were up and around this castle building which was fun. And right before that we got to run DOWN the giant hill. Well my new contacts are not set properly yet and I almost fell a million times and really hated the time I lost bracing myself along the edge because I would try to jump a rock or branch and it was so not where I was seeing it (grrrr) also it was too dark for my sunglasses (which actually help balance out my vision IMO) so I put them down the front of my bra. Well the right boob is missing about a quarter sized piece of skin (nice and pink and bleeding when I got home) and the center of my ribs are bruised and can’t be touched, it looked like someone cracked open my chest with the scrape I have! Grrrrr.

Over all it was a great little trail run, don’t know my time yet. I was amazed at how my feet and body just kept running even if my mind was tired. They just knew what to do and when I stopped worrying they fell inot a pace and kept it, guess training does work! LoL. I loved talking to Frank at the end, he’s one of my running heroes and actually took first overall in like 32minutes. I know!!! He gave my some tips about stuff and talked a little of his races. Of course I had to be freak and pull some kind of muscle and when I stood I couldn’t breath, but I tried to stand anyway but I didn’t want to look like a bad or stupid runner in front of him. Later that night the muscle moved (I think I had some cramped my diaphragm) because I had a MAJOR case of hiccups once the pressure went away and I was breathing normally. How does anyone but ME cramp their diaphragm? Seriously.?

Hope everyone else’s week went well!

Pic: the race shirt (tech) also side note for those who will notice this…umm I don’t have a bra on, that’s why they look funny, I was headed to bed and just wanted a quick pic of the shirt


I was trying to wait for pics and official results but since those aren’t up yet let’s talk about the 10 miler today (Sunday)

It started out at 730 am which was a half hour later than it normally would. I have no idea why the time was adjusted. Anyway. I was feeling really good about the run and planned to pace myself around 11:00-12:00 because I needed and wanted 6 extra miles afterward. I told myself anything less than 2 hours was happiness. I hit mile one at 10:48 (or something within a few seconds, I try to remember what was called out) and I was happy with that because it was near 11 (my goal) I kept going and was feeling really good. No tiredness no stomach ache no leg cramps, just me and my tunes and the road. I came up on mile two and heard 20:58 and felt I was certainly going too fast, but can’t control my speed (I really can’t I wish I could!) Mile three I didn’t hear, but grabbed some water. Mile 4 was just about 43 minutes even. I was of course very pleased with keeping it under 11 minute miles for regular life but this was needing to do a lot of miles life and this was no way to behave! Mile 5 didn’t have a timer, but I took more water and tried these Powerbar chews. I walked a good portion while I chewed and started up again. I loved the course it wasn’t too rough and was well shaded. I turned the corner and heard at mile 6 that I was at 1 hour and 6 minutes and a few odd seconds. Seriously it took me walking and chewing to hit an 11 min average at 6 miles. This is VERY exciting because I’ve been down on myself lately, but still I knew I was trying too hard. Well, come back around the corner I noticed that we were going downhill. Which made me realize not only was I keeping up my pace, but I was keeping it while going uphill (HOW???) so I managed to carry myself quite easily over the next few miles. At one point people had hoses out and were spraying us which I LOVE when they do that!! This other woman umm not so much apparently. She SCREAMED at the people to STOP and announced “This is hard enough without being sprayed with water!” and shot off into the distance. WOW calm it down, a lot! So I started to fade out around and before 8. I was happy to hear I mad it to 8 in 1 hour and 29 mins and about 30 seconds. I wanted to be around 1:30:00 so good for me. I was set for a new PR and felt amazing about it, I was so excited to finish in a new record time. I made it up around a corner and wanted to walk more and did walk a little. The last few miles were NOT shaded and it was HOT HOT HOT we should have started at 7AM, Grrr. I heard a woman tell us there was one more mile to go and figured the marker sign was down and started trying to give it my all. Then suddenly, there is was mile marker 9. HUH?? So yeah that was a LIE. I as tired and made and demoralized. A nice woman with a watch told me I was at 1 hour and 40 minutes which made sense for an 11 min mile and at least I knew as long as I did 12 mins or better I could pull off my PR. Well the heat set in and the chews turned my stomach and I hated moving almost couldn’t move in fact! So sadly I made my way to the end, not so triumphantly, but as proud as I could and finished in 1:54:xx. Truly not that much over my PR of 1:53:01 and that was 2 year ago in the rain. I wonder if it should mean more today in the HEAT and while training for the marathon? Eh still it’s a HECK of a lot better than the 10 miler earlier this year which was 2:17:xx or something. I drank some recovery shake and wore some ice water and chatted with Gale and Kelli. It was a nice race, I really really enjoy it and will just have to come back next year for the new PR. lol.

BTW thanks to the heat I SO didn’t manage those extra 6 miles which is very disappointing. But I do feel fine (oddly enough) so I think I’m gonna go to the gym after work tomorrow and knock ’em out in the A/C (I’m such a baby!) and call Tuesday a rest day. Hope everyone else had fun this weekend.

Pic: Race shirt (tech) and finisher’s medal.

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  1. Congrats dude! I am doing some serious resreach on nutritions b/c i don't think i'm eating, drinking right. My 8 miler was miserable. i know it's not supposed to be easy..but wow. Still excited about 9 though 🙂

    Have a good week!

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