*squeals like a little school girl*

It’s hhhhhhheeeeeerrrrreeeee my Garmin arrived last night. However thanks to taking Emme to training classes and me to school I haven’t been able t play with it yet. (pouts) but it is here and it is lovely and we’re going to play a game this weekend called running 18 miles and you have NO idea how excited I am that I can break free of the gym and go along with the flow free as a bird. Ok I’ll probably just go play on a trail but still, it’s outside! Yum!

Tomorrow I am playing a game called work all day. Go to the gym. Get 9 miles in within 90 minutes (I can do it) and then go to class. Tomorrow we learn Treatment in a clinical setting or something to that effect. Ooooh almost a real therapist kids! ( ;

Ummm recap? My foot finally stopped hurting. Thank GOD. I could not run or walk Thursday or Friday. Went to my spa day on Sat and LOVED LOVED LOVED it (never been before) but when I tried to run later my calves kept having spasms and hurting so bad! Plus my heart wasn’t in it. So I went home at only about a half mile. Sunday I went to my Biathlon and wasn’t too excited but told myself to go anyway. Mile one was not pretty or fun, and I seriously doubted if I could keep going. Mile two wasn’t as painful but I also could not wait for the end of three miles. Then suddenly it was like my whole body just decided it was done being mean to me and my foot didn’t hurt AT ALL my breathing was fine and everything felt great. I opened up my stride and went at it knowing there was less than a mile. I flew by several people and pulled in ar around 31:30 which for me was a great thing given I was being passed by walkers at first I was going so slowly from the pain. After ward I grabbed my bike and tore up the 12.2 miles (for me anyway) I finally felt like my 1,500 bike was being used the way she was meant to be! LoL. I felt so amazing the whole time and couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed. Last year I finished in about 1:29:xx this year I finished in 1:26:xx (although I think the site said 1:27:xx but they’re wrong-seriously) so VERY exciting given the previous week.

Monday I got in an easy/quick 5 miles at the gym before class and after my eye appointment. Meant to get more in but well people can’t drive in a university town the first day of fall classes. So I was WAAYYYY late and couldn’t exactly skip class to run.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I’m way too excited to be posting my cool Garmin stuff this weekend.

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