Salem 5K, Sunday’s 7.5 and training recap

Salem NightTrax Race

After the tri on Sat I attempted to take a small nap and tidy up around the house, this didn’t work so well, especially since I was sucked into writing about the tri and the pics were posted uber early. So when my friends called and said they were on my road it was like “oh crap”. I quickly popped in my contacts and tossed my shoes back on as they talked to me Mom. We grabbed the directions and were off. We wanted to be on the road by 7 for the hour + drive, we didn’t leave until 7:30. Luckily I’m a very efficient drivers, ha, and the traffic wasn’t very heavy and we arrived in Salem in just under an hour. Woot. It was funny to see places I recognized from picking up Emme. As soon as we got there is started to rain and of course none of us brought rain stuff so we were NOT looking forward to a night run in rain. Recipe for disaster. The rain pulled back and we gathered on the track for the start, Gale, Mike and I were excited, and a little too loud for some of the ladies in the back of the pack. We decided if you’re walking the race you probably don’t need to know the warnings as much as the people who will be going in 5 minute miles, not to mention we were not that loud! The best announcement was that there was a rule about not being allowed to elbow people on the track as we started….umm good rule! Didn’t know sometimes that IS allowed? Where are these races? And does that mean it’s okay to use other means of getting ahead, such as tripping or head butts?

So we started and planned a nice slow(er) pace to just enjoy ourselves. The three of us chatted lightly for about the first half to 3/4 miles and partly through Gale announced ‘Are we running up hill’ only the emphasis was on running and not on the uphill which made it seem like she was confused about the whole point of the sport. We laughed and agreed with the crowd you didn’t notice the incline. Seriously the first mile to mile and a half was up hill! We pulled about an 11 min mile one, which was ok for a hill and going slowly. We got to mile 2 though in 10 mins so we were pleased to have sped up, Mike pulled away from us before this though. Gale and I trotted on, not talking as much. Just after mile 2 I got a huge stitch in my left side. I normally only get them on the right so this one was especially annoying. I tried to stead my pace and take deep breaths and allowed myself to open up to the pressure. It pinched and stung and was hard to breath but then all of a sudden my chest just let go of the pressure and everything opened and I was fine again. We were told after the next small hill the rest of the course was downhill. I pulled it together and pushed up the path and then started the amazing decline. We EARNED that last mile and it was awesome. I flew down the hill or so I felt, really I ended in another 10 mins for a grand total of just over 32. As we were nearing the end we passed some houses and I waved and said “hell hello, thanks for coming out and watching us tonight” and Gale laughed and said “Work that crowd Julie”. Gooood times.

After the race we snacked on G2 blue flavor and watermelon. The three of us walked the track, doing the hokey pokey as it played and the chicken dance. I ran up to a GIANT liberty type bell and gently rang it…which yes EVERYONE heard and looked at us. So we laughed and walked away quickly. Then we stood around waiting a lil more, did the cha-cha slide and listened as many people’s names were mispronounced. Gale wound up winning third in her age group which was awesome, and we started the long drive home. BTW, farm land…MUCHO creepy in the dark!

Run for HOPE, 7.5 miler

This was the first year I did this event and I did not do well at all. I went to bed after 12 was up by 630 and wasn’t feeling it. We ran into Shawn at the race and I knew I’d get an earful from him. Before we even hit like 10 mins into the race I knew I was in trouble. I was sore and tired and just not in the mood. I hit mile 1 at 12 mins and though I could be okay if I kept that up. I hit mile 2 and knew I ran that mile in 14 mins! I knew that was my body telling me something was WRONG and I reserved myself to walking to avoid injury. My calves were twitching and I could barely keep myself from falling when I tried to run/jog. Slowly people passed my up and I ended up walking the whole course as the last two people with a very nice man named Matthew. We chatted and helped to keep each other distracted, it was his first race. I finished in a horrible 1:50:xx. Seriously. Shawn said I was dehydrated. I think they’re all crazy. Then Gale and I got to talking and started comparing pee color to sheets of paper. Well I always thought dehydrated was like orange to dark yellow and hydrated was a more sunny yellow. Turns out pee shouldn’t be yellow at all. I basically live my life in a state of dehydration. Which would explain the fatigue, muscle pains, digestive issues, dizzy spells and everything else I’ve been having lately. Who would have known? I HATE when Shawn is right! Grrr. So I’m still going Thursday for the blood work…might as well rule out any underlying issues anyway right? But I’m going to start drinking a LOT more water and hopefully we’ll see a huge improvement.


Sunday – Pulled off my long run, although I did do it at the gym. Took me a little longer than I wanted, but I did 13 miles without getting a medal at the end. lol
Monday – Rest …but I went to Yoga and Abs class anyway
Tuesday – 3 miles. Traded that run for an hour spin session and abs class (spin session probably was more like a 5 mile run)
Wednesday – 7 mile run (again at the gym) and my hour yoga
Thursday – 4 miles. Again traded for an hour spin and abs, but this spin wasn’t as intense as Tues.
Friday – Rest…and rest I did!
Sat – Cross training (eh the Tri and the 5k)
Sun – needed 10 miles did the 7.5 but well I did a lot of other stuff too. I know I know.

Here’s hoping for a good week this week!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you are okay. I'm worried. But yeah, it's probably tough to figure out you're dehydrated if you're so focused on other things. I would have had no idea either…
    I'm glad you had fun with your friends earlier though. 🙂
    Are you going to take it easy for a while, do you think?

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