OROC 2009

Today was my first time using my Garmin and yes I am in love. We’re planning a June wedding in 2010 I hope you can all make it.

In all seriousness this thing is AWESOME. All I had to do was put it on my wrist and press start and look at all the awesome info it gives me. No more trying to remember what splits were called to me, no more wondering if I’m almost at that next mile marker, no more trying to guess if I am on or off pace during the run. I was SO happy to hit sub 30 but then a little less excited when I saw we were not quite at 3.1 but 3.04 Hmmm I dunno kids I think I could have done it if I really really tried hard enough. Considering I’ve been hitting 31 and 32 minute 5ks I’m very happy.

They changed the course this year, which was a nice surprise. Hill at the end which burned my lungs to run up but I knew we were near the end and I couldn’t give up. WONDERFUL weather and a very lovely turn out for what might have been rain if we weren’t so lucky. I got a few apples to take home afterward. The funnest (word?) thing was tracking down a bathroom at a local hotel with Gale because we didn’t want to wait in the 2 miles long line.

** I can’t get it to upload where it isn’t half cut off so we’re gonna do this in two parts

** Fixed, although fixed by needing to have a new layout. However I kinda like this one more anyway so it’s all good.

One thought on “OROC 2009

  1. I like the new layout. It's fresh and clean. That's funny you got it by accident.
    The Garmin sounds awesome. I'm happy you're so thrilled with it and it seems to be a lifesaver for you. I bet soon you will be wondering how you even ran without it. 🙂

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