Black Squirrel Triathlon: Don’t lock the door

Hmm so the story somewhat starts with Tom and I going to dinner with Anthony and getting back into the truck. We went to where it was parked and Tom discovered for some reason his key doesn’t work in the door. After a few minutes of panic I notice the lock on the side door looks taller than the lock on the driver’s. Anthony checks the door and score, it opens. Somehow the power door also isn’t working so the door never locked to begin with. We spend the rest of the time together reminding each other to not lock the door.

The first amazing thing to happen was checking the site to verify all information and seeing that what was an 8AM start time on the form is now a 9AM start time….an extra hour of sleep! We wake at 7 and we’re out the door not too long after 7:30. Trucks are much easier to load than SUV’s, or so I think for today’s adventure. We follow what lovely google maps has indicated as the route to Tannery park, arrive in the right amount of time and see volunteers in bright orange shirts. Some Boy Scouts help Tom get the canoe off the truck and I try to look helpful. I take a shot of all the pretty kayaks laying in the grass awaiting start time. We drive over to the bike area, drop off the bikes and pick up our packets. Not long after we attend a pre-race meeting where we learn the horrible news…Google sent us to the WRONG location. Seriously. We have to haul ass back to the other park and reload the canoe! We have 15 minute before the start but the lady assures us, there is a staggered start with time deducted off the finish so we’re OK. Riiight.

We think this is funny, but also not good. Tom asks me what the hell is with me and races in Kent (see the Davey Tree post). I think it’s his fault ultimately lol kidding. So we get back to the park and they look at us all confused. I announce why we’re back and they laugh but a group of scouts run to the water’s edge and grab our boat. Eventually it’s back on the truck and we’re headed to god only knows where because we’re freaking out slightly. We make it to Tannery park and think we’re so late because it’s nearly 10 after 9. We’ve been honking and yelling at cars and see no end in sight. I need to use a bathroom seriously something bad and this is just not going to be a pretty day. Well kids calm down and don’t worry too much…they’re launching boats in sets of 3 in 3 minute sessions, I predict with the crowd we have 30 mins to wait…and I end up being exactly right. We have time for bathrooms and stretching and everything else. At 9:30 we enter the water and we’re off!

Tom is like a speed daemon and I’m freaking out because I don’t want to fall out. Because OMG I might ummm get wet? In the 3 feet of water lol. We finally find a way to work together and pass up a few people. I cheer for those who go by us, I was cheering at the shore waiting. “Go green!” “Go yellow!” Or whatever color the boat was. No one else was cheering. Poor sports! Anyway. A guy who was clearly white water for kayaks zooms past us, REALLY freaking close to our boat (not necessary) and says in a little bit of a snotty tone “You know the point is to to have one of you on each side” referring to our paddling. Um no the point is shut up and mind your own business. I know we weren’t the best, but we weren’t the worst and I had fun! I felt really badly though because I think Tom is much stronger at paddling than I am, and I feel like I was holding him back and kept messing up. He says no, but I don’t know…

After a very short time we’re up on shore and off to the run. WHY this 2.5 mile run kicked my ass I do not know. Maybe I didn’t eat right, maybe it was the heat or time of day? Maybe it was the mix of sand, grass and black top? Maybe it was the freaking steps at the end? Who puts steps at the end of the run? Those are worse than a hill! I think it was more than 2.5 anyway. I thought about Frank running his 100 miler today and felt guilty for not enjoying my 2.5. Oh well.

Biking was finally here and I was not ready. I felt sick. So I get on the bike slowly and try to convince myself this is going to be ok. I make the first lap and people are flying past on their second lap. I feel like I might fall off a few times and feel guilty I have this wonderful $1500 road bike and I don’t really use it to its full beauty. I near the middle of the first lap and collect my bracelet. The way back was easier and it occurs to me the first part was a long slow up incline no wonder it hurt. The way back wasn’t as hard. I make it around the first lap and have to dismount to run the gong. I don’t pay attention and shove my front wheel into the guy holding the gong (whooops). I smack the gong with way too much force (louder is more points right?) and get on for lap two. I feel sick and think I shouldn’t go on. I tell them I’m sick when they ask if I’m ok. They tell me “You’re fine, have fun” So I decide not to let me teammate down and go for lap two. Lap two I try to speed up. I tell myself to get the freaking lead out and do something. The first part of lap two is not embarrassing. I get my second bracelet and am on my way back home! I make it to the end and am all smiles.

However, I felt sooo ill and dizzy. I am so glad I’m getting blood work done on Thursday I need to know why I keep getting this way! Tom and I go get the canoe and head back with what should be 30 minutes for awards. They have no water left (really?) so we go across the street to a local deli. We’re both alum of KSU but we’ve never eaten at this deli. The food is awesome..the water is awesome (ha) and we relax. Little did we know there would still be like another 30 minutes before awards. We sit int he shade and some guy plays his guitar on stage. I listen to people talk about the race and feel great when two girls who look really in shape and perky talk about how tough the bike was unexpectedly (hmmm maybe I’m NOT crazy). Awards are announced, we don’t win one…but note that there wasn’t a third place for team or relay in white water and wonder if we could have lived through it enough? There’s always next year. I have a fantasy of buying a kayak now anyway.

All in all it was a wonderful experience. I couldn’t put it all into words if I wanted. After the Tri and I have a 5k in Salem and a 7.5 miler in Aurora Sunday morning…I will write about those breifly along with training recap later.

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  1. So proud! You look great and it looks like your schedule is pretty packed. Have fun and be safe.

    your fellow blogger,

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