And the verdict is….

The doctors called and here is what I need to do to be a better runner. DRINK MORE WATER.

I need to make sure I am hydrated all the time not just the few minutes before during and after a race. I need to make sure the calories I’m eating are GOOD and NUTRITIONAL calories. I need to make sure I don’t eat at 4pm on a Sat and then not eat until 2pm Sunday after the half marathon. Luckily I just need to make better choices. This is all great news though, because I know I am healthy enough to keep training for this marathon and after Monday’s 15 miler I know I have the mind for it as well as the body. I just need to keep training and amazing things will happen.

Tomorrow is the Trail Run 8k, I’m very excited!!! Sunday is the 10-miler (and a bonus 6 immediately after for my training)

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