Advice: and why sometimes you should listen

Ok sooo apparently I have this issue with listening. Probably because I work in jobs where I’m on the phone with idiots all day so I am accustomed to ignoring people…err filtering them. Today at work Trisha and I decide it’s a brilliant idea to start a business where we run a chat line. But it’s not a ‘sex’ line or whatever. Basically you call whenever you’re bored or need something (as it seems people like to do even though it’s time to be working) we will charge a dollar a minute. Wanna call and complain about how hot/cold/wet it is? That’ll be a dollar an hour. Wanna call and ask us to look up a phone number or city we’ve given you before or you should have checked BEFORE getting in the car? Dollar an hour please. Seriously we have people where they WOULD call and they WOULD talk and with that one call we could probably go home early. Anyway….

So I don’t like to take advice. I like to be right I like to figure things out on my own I am sorta like Stewart on mad TV ‘Lemme doooo it!’. So when I’m told things like “eat before your half marathon” or “drink water” or “yellow pee is not good” I tend to hear things like “blah blah blah half marathon” and “blah water” and “yellow bleh bleh bleh good”. Which gets put into my system as “do whatever you want”. No good I know. So know I feel like all this wonder of why I get sick is magically being solved as if no one really knew the answer prior to me figuring it out.

I went for my blood test on Thursday. Hours of being hungry drinking weird orange pop like sugar water and having them steal my blood. I haven’t run or done cycling or yoga ALL week. (pouts) but I have attempted to drink water in the AM at lunch and afternoon and PM and I have felt like myself again and I haven’t have digestive issues and although I might not have lost any weight, I don’t feel fat and clothes I was once doomed to not wear while I fought the war on fat are fitting and fitting comfortably. I like me some water! And apparently low blood sugar can happen after long intense exercise. Apparently not eating since the afternoon before will make this worse. Light hotheadedness, blacking out, forgetting the English language and other joys are really just signs of how stupid I still am at 25. So I’m going to try this great experiment this weekend. I’m going to try and do my 15 mile distance. I’m going to drink water and eat food and get some sleep and maybe just maybe I’ll succeed. I also have to remind myself how much practice it took before I ran a whole half marathon and that walking is not something to be ashamed of. In fact I might force myself to walk to whole 15 tomorrow, it’s about the distance right? Breaking that mental block of how far a person should travel in one setting. Bedsides there are plenty more runs of 15 16 18 and 20 miles to try and get some “run” time in there.

Also…I’m stubborn and I really want them to say I have some rare and special blood thing and that’s why I get sick when running. I want to not run because I’m sooooo convinced there is this other issue aside from user error. I don’t want them to say “drink some water

BTW if you’re reading this….go drink some water….it’s good for you.

2 thoughts on “Advice: and why sometimes you should listen

  1. Yikes. There are days in a row where I get by with no water. I drink juice and pop. I really need to fix that. Your story scares me!

    I love your chat line idea. Lol. I think you could become a millionaire with it. There are so many people who would take advantage of that! You could even draw in the younger generations and incorporate texting. 🙂

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