18 mile long run!!! Check!

Wow so how many mixed feelings am I having right now? I accomplished my goal of 18 miles but I walked to much more than I wanted, but I ran at the end and felt like I could have kept going so isn’t that important? Today I learned a lot about my body and I was experimenting with new “food” along the way. So what did I learn/experience?

I learned first of all, do not start running at almost 2 in the afternoon. I had been awake since 9 and was cleaning and doing whatever and when I started my run I was already a little warn for the day. I ran the first 5 miles at a very slow pace (I knew I was pacing slow) and arrived at a visitors center, which I knew was near Winking Lizard (Oh I started at Ira Trail) anyway I paused Mr Garmin and went into the bathroom and also got some water. I knew I was not hydrated well and also learned to watch what I eat and drink before a run. I got back on the trail and was worried because I was VERY off from what I wanted to be at, but kept going. I took some Sports Beans and hoped they would help with the hunger I was feeling. I was headed up along the trail hoping to hit the Boston Store and beyond to reach mile 9 and the turn around. However at what turned out to be mile 7 I was unsure if I was allowed beyond a fence. So I stopped, stretched and turned around. I was secretly glad because I was fading and was unsure if I’d make it the 14 miles needed back to the car and I was sad.

I made it slowly slowly back to the visitors center, paused Garmin and drank water like it was my job. Sad. I also took some of my endurolytes, I’ve used these in the past and LOVED them, then one day Vertical Runner was out so they switched me to S-Caps…which I now swear by in the heat. Today I loved my enduros again but wonder if maybe there is a way to use both, because on hot days I’m gonna need a LOT more salt. The combo of the two over the 9 miles took away my hunger and any dizzy feelings or nausea I normally feel which was GREAT but after mile 9 I was tired. Not just a little tired but couldn’t keep my eyes open I was going to collapse on the trail tired. I walked, and listened to my ipod and hoped I didn’t just fall asleep. Actually this might have been later on in the run because I remember getting myself pumped by saying I only had 5 miles to the car and there was no reason I couldn’t do 5 miles! So I made it three before pausing and that is when the tired set in.

Some how I made it back to Ira and convinced myself that I couldn’t give up that easily. I was at 14 and HAD to do the other 4 I just HAD to. So I tried running a little and my legs were having NONE of that nonsense. So I walked, I don’t like walking but it gets the job done and I was learning along the way. I walked and I made to as far as I felt before turning around at 15.5 And one of my FAVORITE songs came on. I don’t know about you but there are some songs that REQUIRE running. I have this ABBA mix and greatest hits all remastered to an upbeat tempo PERFECT for my pace and I can’t let them go by without honoring with a run. So start running and guess what? My legs listened this time! I run through one song and then another and then another and I notice I’ve made it a mile and still feel good, 16.5 and I get excited that I’m gonna make it after all and I keep running amazing song after amazing song. I do a double take when I see the Ira sign (running back was MUCH faster than walking away!) and I look down and see I’m at 17.2 (dang!) so I take off up the trail, up past the swamps and over the bridge and there are people and they’re looking at me and I want to yell at the top of my lungs with a smile “I’m at the end of an 18 mile run!” but I don’t (ha) so I get up to 17.6 and know it’s okay to turn around I do a funky little circle around a cement marker, because I think I’m so damn cool and I take off running back to the car and I KNOW I’m not an Olympian and I know I’m nothing impressive and I know I’m not even keeping one on my fastest paces, but I am running and I hadn’t stopped and I didn’t feel like stopping so I fly up the path listening to “Eye of the Tiger” and smiling like I just won the lotto and I look down and hit top at the sign as I’m greeted with 18.02 and I feel like I’m on top of the world, other than I had a goal of 4 hours and it’s reading 4:10:xx which honestly SUCKS but hey for as crappy as I felt the first half I was more than okay with this ending.

I love the new shoes and am SO glad I bought them just in time…no pain no injuries (yippie). I think I’m going to try the beans with caffeine, maybe mixed with the normal beans because I’m so sensitive to the stuff, but I am way too tired and when I run I crave diet coke…and apples. I should change my blog to be called “Diet Coke and Apples” so I guess I didn’t make my time or my pace but I learned a lot and after all, isn’t that the OTHER point of a training run? Not just to beat up your muscles but to open you mind and be a smarter runner? That was the goal this year, train smarter not harder and so far it’s working better than I ever imagined.

Marathon here I come baby!


Route: Elev. Avg: 704 ft
Location: Bath, OH Elev. Gain: +0 ft
Date: 08/30/09 Up/Downhill: [+495/-495]
Time: 01:39 PM Difficulty: 3.5 / 5.0
Weather: Overcast
60 F temp; 62% humidity
60 F heat index; winds NW 8


Distance: 18.02 miles
Time: 4:10:13
Speed: 4.3 mph
Pace: 13′ 53 /mi
Calories: 1875


Elevation (ft)

Pace (min/mile)


Mile Pace (min/mile) Speed (mph) Elevation
actual +/- avg actual +/- avg
1 12′ 25 -1′ 28 4.8 +0.5 -9 ft
2 11′ 57 -1′ 56 5.0 +0.7 -10 ft
3 11′ 28 -2′ 25 5.2 +0.9 0 ft
4 11′ 07 -2′ 46 5.4 +1.1 -7 ft
5 11′ 52 -2′ 01 5.0 +0.7 -27 ft
6 11′ 23 -2′ 30 5.3 +0.9 -7 ft
7 11′ 51 -2′ 02 5.1 +0.7 -3 ft
8 13′ 59 +0′ 06 4.3 -0.0 -6 ft
9 18′ 10 +4′ 17 3.3 -1.0 +13 ft
10 14′ 33 +0′ 40 4.1 -0.2 +13 ft
11 12′ 28 -1′ 25 4.8 +0.5 +14 ft
12 12′ 28 -1′ 25 4.8 +0.5 +10 ft
13 15′ 13 +1′ 20 3.9 -0.4 +10 ft
14 20′ 00 +6′ 07 3.0 -1.3 0 ft
15 17′ 08 +3′ 15 3.5 -0.8 +16 ft
16 17′ 20 +3′ 27 3.5 -0.9 +26 ft
17 12′ 08 -1′ 45 4.9 +0.6 -33 ft
18 11′ 57 -1′ 56 5.0 +0.7 -10 ft
end 11′ 17 -2′ 36 5.3 +1.0 +9 ft
Versus average of 13′ 53 min/mile

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4 thoughts on “18 mile long run!!! Check!

  1. Hello Lovely! You are using the BiM Active tool too?! Isn't it fun?! I'd love to meet you for a run once my half is over with. I'm so impressed…18 miles…and on the Ira trail even. That trail can get quite boring but you did it! Have a great week.

  2. Stopping back to say “hello” Small world after all yep. I live just outside Youngstown and get up that way for the occasional race. BTW we both did Presque Isle half too.

    Good luck at your marathon!

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