Why God doesn’t agree 9.3 is “close enough” to 10 miles

So I needed to do a 10 mile run this weekend as part of my marathon training. I wasn’t excited about this from the get-go and as you may have seen on Facebook, training this week was not good. Tuesday I was just plain lazy and didn’t want to go outside so I swapped out my 3 miles run for an hour on the treadmill (ok so it was a lil more than 3 which I felt ok about). Wed is long run night but it’s also yoga night and I feel yoga make a WORLD of difference with my running and stress and everything so I go. After yoga I was SO tired I didn’t know why I was actually exhausted the WHOLE day, probably the 2 summer courses and working and running and everything else I’ve been doing for 2 weeks now? Anyway. I got home from yoga and seriously did a few things about getting ready for the next days classes and went to bed early. I set the alarm for a few hours before getting ready time and was all set to do my 5-miler before the day started. I was up and dressed and stretched buuuuuut so was the rain!! So I sadly took myself back downstairs for another hours long treadmill session…boooooo. Thursday night I went to the hospital to see my girlfriends just born baby (cutie pie!) so no running that night and I have learned from the past few weeks I am not at a point in my fitness to run Friday night and then do A+ work on Sat. I can do it, but I’m tired and for a 15K I didn’t want to push it. So off to bed at a good time and set the alarm for 6:30 AM.

Well that seems all well and good until you find out you set the alarm for 6:30 PM. I roll over and look at my clock and see 7:10…and FREAK OUT, Luckily I have 15 mins fast forward on my clock…I think everyone does this? Why? Anyway….I run out of bed down the steps and in record time I have my bag ready and clothes on my body. I yell a few things at my Mom about being late and to get up if she’s coming…she doesn’t move (I find out later she doesn’t even hear me). So I’m doing about 80 on my road knowing how DUMB that is for the holiday. I don’t get caught. I make it in record time to what I THOUGHT was the building…it wasn’t. OH HOLY CRAP some more! So I call my friend Gale who I think is going to have a computer implanted into herself to make things easier for her. She started looking for this address for me (It’s like 7:19 and the race is 7:30) my friend Tom calls while I’m on with her, I flip over to him and he’s like “Where are you???” I’m LOST. So he’s giving me street names and I’m yelling at him that I don’t know what he’s talking about. I went to school here for 5 years, I like 10 minutes away and I drove the city buses for 5 years but I don’t know streets…go figure. I park the car and start running full speed through parking lots and this street fair. I am running the wrong way! I turn around and run the right way, he tells me I’m on the wrong street, I fly UP this one way road and get to a highway…umm not right?…I run UP that block and down the next one way road…and there they are the runners! I’m SO tired and sore from running who know how far? Around 10 minutes and so about .7 miles I’d say making an even 10 for the whole day….and I thought 15K was going to be “good enough” for my training run!

I get to the table (oh and as I learned on my way there from my friends…they lost my name and registration) they write my name and age very quickly on some bib #s I shove said bib down my sports bra as I’m running across the yard and onto the street where about 100 yards? If that? The race has just begun. I keep running and am finally a part of the 5k…just a few seconds behind. It takes a minute to find my grove and I manage to pull the first mile in around 9:30 and I’m pleased. Second mile a little more hilly and I get done around 20:ish…I’m trying to pace slower knowing I have the 10K to follow up with. I finish just over 32 mins…a little disappointing but with my AWESOME warm up and whatnot I am okay with this time. I walk back to my car and get myself better put together with body glide, salt tablets and my ipod for the 10K also for the first time all morning I get to a bathroom. Side note…I have a slight lactose intolerance and I thought ice cream last night sounded good. Um yeah that wasn’t a fun sensation and fear for 3 miles!

The 10K starts off MUCH better I am collected and I feel prepped. I make the first mile easily, a little slower than pace (11:ish?) but still strong. I make Mile 2 closer to 20 or 21 so I’m more happy about this. I’m listening to my FAV podcast (the only own I listen to by the fabulous Steve Runner…see the link on the side of the page) and he makes the miles melt by. Finishing the second loop I hear them say 35 and I’m not happy at ALL about this…I get to the 4th miles and I can feel it’s time for more salt tablets (I have REALLY low blood pressure, like when I’m in the DRs they can’t always use the machines it’s so low) and I have a high salt sweat (like I turn WHITE-er than I already am) so that combo puts me at risk for mucho sickness in the heat. I reach into my pocket and the pill has popped open and I have pants full of salt but no way of getting it into my mouth GREAT. So slowly for the last 2 miles I am sinking. I start to shiver I start to shake I start to feel horrible. I make it up to mile 5 but I’m not proud or pretty anymore. I make it to the end (running the last mile I’m proud to say) and didn’t notice my time. My friends say it was around 1:14…grr I wanted at least 1:10. It’s hot out people are like “eww the sun” and I’m freezing because I’m sick from the heat and salt loss. We walk a lil I eat about 3 pieces of water melon. Drink a million cups of water and pour an equal amount all over my body. I catch up with some old friends too.

I didn’t get a shirt because well I wasn’t pre-reg…I was! And I didn’t place in the 5K (grr I move up in AG this week!) I DO place in the 10K (whoa) 3rd place AG but it’s default and it’s still cool. I got this really nice like 16oz glass with the race logo and the word “WINNER” on the bottom. Ha. They decide to only do overall for combined..WHAT so I get a door prize while waiting (free personal pan at Pizza Hut) and the boys and I walk back to the car. So 30.00 and no shirt and no AG from the 15K buuuuut I have a interesting story and needed the 10 miles anyway. Next time I won’t try to cheat out on the .7 and maybe things will go smoother?

Friends and I ate our free pizza and talked and relaxed. So far it’s a nice 4th.

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