Refuse to Lose

Had a nice 5K with my Mom this morning. Refuse to Lose 5K. We started out together and I wasn’t planning on racing at all, but then she started walking and I wanted to at least run a little bit and I was so surprised at how not sore I was. Typically the week after I run a half marathon I am dead to the world for running, but not only did I pull of training all week, I pulled off a nice pace for my race today. Mile 1 came in at around 10:15 so I figured about 10 with the difference in starting position and I was excited because there were a few hills. I was a little concerned because at the one hill I felt my heart flutter a bit and I wondered if I had any caffeine the day before since that’s usually what causes my irregular rhythm. I found a nice pace and found myself passing a lot of people! The half way spot was after a nice gradual downhill and came with some water. I drank a few sips walked a few steps and dumped some on my head…to my surprise it set off some sweat from my head and as I started to run again a giant warm blob dropped from my head onto the back of my neck. YUM. back up the hill over to the mile two and OK with the 20:45 time, but knew I needed to kick it up to make sure I didn’t fall into an 11:00 pace. The group I was running with came to the last sizable hill and a man says to his running partner (maybe his wife) “Well, this is where all the 30 and unders go zoom” (he made a zoom noise not so much saying the word) and I was pleased to meet his prediction. Up the hill I went and back down the other side, around the corner with mile 3 and toward to time clock. I tried really hard to get around the couple in front of me but couldn’t find the space and couldn’t speed up enough to get around without hurting their pace so I brought it in just over 31 mins. I would predict with the starting difference I was closer to being under 31 and around a 10:20 pace. I would have preferred closed to 10 or less for normal 5K but was amazed at how well I did given last weeks half.

Tomorrow is a 13 mile slow run as part of my marathon training…if it’s not raining I will go over to a trail. I also need to figure out why when the bottom of my thigh has pressure ( like sitting on the edge of the chair) there is PAIN on the top and my whole leg feels pinched. Probably a nerve or muscle issue. Hmmm.

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  1. I hope your leg feels better soon!

    Gosh, your posts always make me feel lazy. Lol. Every time I read them, the more impressed with you I get. You are so amazingly motivated and dedicated to running. You are an inspiration to everyone–not only those who want to run, but for everyone to have a goal and follow it. 🙂

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