NCN Duathlon

Today, Gale and I went up the Lakeview Park and did a duathlon.

I was feeling a little sick from the time I woke up….which was 5:45. I think I still haven’t learned about proper food and fluid after a race (which yesterday was quite the race). I managed to get up there in record time and since I wasn’t going to get wet my transition area was small. It was just my bike and helmet and gloves. I wore bike shorts and jersey for the run. There was maybe 20 people in the whole DUO category, everyone else was doing the TRI. The TRI was by far IMO the better option. I would have taken maybe 10 minutes to do the swim as opposed to about 30 minutes on the run. Still, Gale wanted to do it and I wanted to help her love multisport racing so we stuck with it.

During the announcements we were told the 5K ended on a hill and I said to Gale “Oh gee thanks” and the guy next to me laughed and said “Yeah, really thanks for that”. Side note, this guy was like royally ripped and had half a wet suit on…I DOUBT that hill was going to phase him. Anyway at 8:00 we took off across the parking lot. I was feeling good about my pacing, but was surprised to find no one to call times are the markers. The turn around had water and I was long behind everyone else by this point but I didn’t want to over do it. I ended my 5K in a 35:00 time…which was my goal so I was pleased. However the whole run I felt like my stomach was going to explode at every step. So before biking I went into the bathroom and kinda made sure if I was going to be sick or not. I felt a little better and decided to attempt the bike.

The biking portion was the worst put together bike part of an event I have ever done. Never have I been on open roads…open HIGHWAYS with so little support staff or clear marking of where we were going. Being the last person I never knew I was on a race course except for the VERY occasional person to tell us to make a turn and the mile markers every 3. Sometimes I would see a twist tie or a race number on the ground and feel maybe I was going to right way….but for someone who was already under the weather the bike was tough. I did get to the end and thought I saw Gale, but I was also having a hard time keeping my eyes opened and thought I was going to faint on my bike. I pulled into transition and realized I was right behind her! I was proud of myself for catching up and realized I must have done well on the bike. She was wearing head phones and didn’t hear me call her name so I took all my gear off and went running across the mat on my own. My salt tabs once again ended up as dust in my shirt…I NEED to figure out what’s going on with that? So I ate one that was popped and like licked my hand with some water and I think it helped enough to get my focus back for the last run.

If I hasn’t mentioned I sweat to the point where I have a gritty face, during the run I made Gale touch it and she was like “what is that?” umm I told you I lose all my salt! Anyway, apparently this is bad in general but with my naturally LOW blood pressure I get sick easily on races. I’ve actually ditched sports drinks…they don’t sit well on races with me ever since I had my gallbladder removed. But the salt pills help me to feel better and I don’t have the heavy feeling in my stomach. Moving on…

Highlight from the bike course. Along the way we rode past what seemed like a hiking trail. There were two pairs of pants just laying in the grass. Nice huh? About a mile or two after that was a HUGE sign for adult-mart…you know in case anyway needed a detour? Only one hill…which I did have to walk (bummer) but other than that it was a fast and flat course.

OK so back to the last run. I caught up with Gale and we ran around and 11 min pace to almost mile one. Then we walked and talked a little. We arrived at one intersection walking and the guy standing there looks at us and says (now this is a race volunteer) What are you two doing walking? Don’t you know this is a RACE? He says this in a mean tone. We laugh him off but he says more about how we’re going to be last, don’t we even care and how all the food will be gone and he just wants to go home. We run down the hill to the turn around and drink some water and keep moving along. We pass him again and he’s not even looking at us, he’s in the shade in a lawn chair. Mind you we’re only about 10 minutes behind the last group of people NOT a huge issue. We tell him “you can go home now” and he just blows us off. WOW!

Gale runs in the last part of it, I try to run. She’s faster than me in her pace and she ends up done about 30 seconds…maybe more…in front of me. She tells me we’re at about 2 hours and 40 minutes…this is VERY upsetting to me but oh well. I see the clock and it reads 2:25:00 ish. My hope was close to 2 hours, I was planning on 2:15 and wanted nothing greater than 2:30 without serious issue. SO overall I was pleased, considering I did compete yesterday too. Gale seemed to like it and maybe we’ll do another one together some day. I know I’ll be doing more, I love multisport even if I’m not the best. Today I was the worst (ha) but really it all depends on the race and the day. It was 5K 14 mile 5K and my time is not embarrassing. The woman who took 3rd overall for females was about 10 min in front of us…it was just a small event.

BTW as the only entry in my group…I got the first place medal. Ha. So I’m 2 for 2 in this new category. Go Me!

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