I earned a Friday night

Usually Friday rolls around and I’m torn between wanting to be a blob and knowing I didn’t do well with the work outs for the week. This was is totally different.

Monday – was a rest day after the half marathon and I was pleased about that…worked on school work for finals

Tuesday – was set up to be a 3 mile day and I ended up having to do that inside on the ellip since it was dark and gross outside but the time I was done with school and work.

Wednesday – FINALLY done with summer courses! I went to yoga and felt amazing, in fact I think I am getting close to doing a proper downward facing dog…but it might all be in my head. Afterward it didn’t hurt to move around so much. I went to my friends jewelry party after yoga and we chatted and looked at pretty things, I bought a new purple and black necklace. Then…and this is the amazing part…I did my six mile run! Yes folks I actually did my medium Wed distance run ON Wednesday and the WHOLE distance. Mind you I had to again stay inside and use the ellip but I find ways of making it work for me!

Thursday – Tried to take Emme to the puppy parlor, they were closed. Went home and did laundry and cleaning instead before work. After work I really hesitated to go for my run, but I knew it was only 3 miles and it would be good for me to get outside. And I did it! I used the neighborhood and worked in some serious hill repeats although I didn’t need to. I was running the whole time too and felt awesome. I finished strong around 3.2 miles and walked another .4 back to the house. Very pleased with myself!

Friday – TA DA! I actually completed my training as I was supposed to *past self on the back* so tonight it’s me and the PJs and TV and I don’t have to feel guilty.

Tomorrow I am doing a race in Hudson in the AM with my Mom (Refuse to Lose 5K) and I was going to do the Shot in the Dark but I didn’t register in time and don’t wanna spend 30 bucks and gas money to run by myself. Gale is out of town and Tom and Pete backed out. Boo. Maybe I’ll go for a ride? Sunday I’m supposed to put in a 13 miler on my own. Oh lordy will THAT be fun. How did we get to the double digit weeks so quickly?

Make sure to check out some photos from last weekend now added to the post.

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