A dozen links to be like ROJ

So I like to pretend I have all these fans and influence over my little world of fellow runners. Thus I am sharing with you, in no order and really no rank at all, my dozen race sites for weekend running/multisport adventures. Along with each is a description of what I get from it. Mind you any Google search will lead to other sites, and some races are off on their own or whatever (such as marathons) but these are what I personally frequent or semi-frequent. BTW if there are any I “missed” it might mean I don’t go to that page very often, or do not know about it yet.

http://www.ncnracing.com/ NCN Racing

This is the site for the recent duathlon I did and I realized they also put on the Inland half marathon I ran last year…I also wasn’t crazy about that race, but that was a shoe issue…and they had great food. It’s a bit of a drive for the Akron area, main cities being Lorain/Elyria.

http://www.ohiochallengeseries.com/ Ohio Challenge Series

This is the Ohio Challenge Series, also called the Subway Series. I LOVE these races. Each race I’ve been to has wonderful food and support staff….we enjoy sub sandwiches and Shearer’s chips after the races. Lots of nice races in the Canton area. My one complaint is how they chip time. They use the ChampionChip which is cool since I own one, however they only chip record the end of the race, meaning if you started 30 second behind the start line those 30 seconds will still show up in your time. I am no where near elite enough for this to matter, but it’s an annoyance I’ve adapted to regardless.

http://www.hermescleveland.com/roadracing/ Hermes Sports and Events

Hermes. This organization holds a special place in my heart. When I first began running, I tried to find a good site to process what races were when and nice people to meet and help support me. I saw two message boards I liked, Hermes and Cool Running (which sadly is gone). Hermes was a “better” choice because it was also part of a site with a calendar telling me about races and giving me websites and entry forms. The first runner I ever met was Frank and he introduced me to Gale at the Solon race in 2007. The rest is history. LoL. And Hermes STILL puts on a GREAT race and has the Road Race Series and is always a great place to look for 5K’s and 10K’s. They chip time a lot of the races (D-tag) and they start and end chip time. If I didn’t mention it, this is for the Cleveland area.

http://www.summitathletic.com/ Summit Athletic Running Club

Summit Athletic. Ok I’m going to be honest, I find the club aspect of this group only good for those who are “real” runner. Meaning me with me slower pace and casual attitude often does no feel welcomed. Also they tend to lose entries or misprint information on the forms….just MY experience though. However, they are right in my backyard and I enjoy a lot of the races so I keep going. I did their series one year and after EVERY race I had to email them and mention I wasn’t on the sheet for updated points. After a while I gave up thinking if they don’t care I’m not going to bother them…technically I earned a plaque for the amount of runs I did, but I didn’t bother arguing the point. My fav three races they do are the Frostbite Prediction run (with breakfast at Rockne’s after) the Buckeye Half Marathon (with a hoodie instead of shirt/medal) and the Great New Year’s Eve race. I don’t think many if any of the races they do are chip timed, but they’re usually small enough not to affect anything.

http://www.ncmultisports.com/index.html North Coast Multisports

Ok here is a not just for running site. There is not a lot going on here. They have some of the same races as other sites, and then a tri or two I try to catch each summer if I don’t have other things going on….but it might appeal to others so I’m posting it.

http://www.hmapromotions.net/ HMA Promotions

HMA I LOVE these people. Seriously probably the most laid back and happy people you will do a race with. I know Howard now, although I don’t know if he knows me. I’ve had friends complain at times it’s too casual but I run so many races, sometimes it’s nice just to not worry about all the politics. I don’t think they ever chip time, the pricing is also lower on these races. Another thing about the site I like is a variety of events. They have runs, tris, dus, and they had the adventure race I just did. A lot of Cleveland area stuff but not everything is exclusive to that area. Downside? They didn’t have the site updated for 2009 until like April, and results take a little longer to post (probably from the non chip timed) but I would really recommend their events to everyone.

http://www.hfpracing.com/ HFP Racing

HFP Racing. This is where the Women’s Only Tri is. They also have listings for other mutlisports all over Ohio and I think links to races in WV and MI or WI? I haven’t done anything for and from them other then the one TRI, but if I had the time and money I would. VERY nice tech shirts and nice staff. Well run race. Not too pricey IMHO

http://www.champracing.org Champ Racing

Note this is a dot org and not a dot com. Ok this was the Summit Tri I did a few weeks back and I was blown away with how well done the Tri was…probably the best organized and executed Tri I’ve ever done. Nice shirts, nice awards and not too competitive nature. I can’t say how any of the other races are but I am looking forward to the next one of their I do whenever and whatever it might be.

http://www.runohio.com/ Run Ohio

Not much to explain…good to check on dates and things for Ohio races…might help you if you’re not the Akron/Cleveland/Canton area of local web sites.

http://www.ohiorunner.com/ Ohio Runner

Again not much to explain…I go here to check for races other’s might not post or for results no longer listed.

http://clevelandplaysracing.com Cleveland Plays Racing

I don’t know if they’re new this year but they’re new for me. I did the Sunset relay with them and it was SO MUCH FUN. LOVE the shirt I got and I was looking at their other events, and I plan to do this weird mystery run next month. The timing system they used at the Sunset was new to me. The chip was in the bib but there was velcro and we switched the bib not the strip. I dunno. Awesome food afterward. MAJOR downside of this site…SO many of the events posted are the WRONG date. I would go there for an idea of what sounds fun but then follow the link to the form or other website and verify time and dates.

http://www.active.com/ Active.com

This is probably the only Non Ohio Specific link. Insert zip, inset interests and ta-da what’s cool to do around you. Also the source for manyyyyy events to do on-line registration. So if you ever can’t recall where you saw something, try here and you might find it. Oh and a good way to find stuff that might not be on other pages…cycling specific…swim specific….I’ve also seen tennis on here if that floats your boat.

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  1. Great post! I'm glad you found me. I'm training for the Akron Half Marathon in September. Any tips you can send my way would be great. If that's ok I may post them…or I could interview one day for my blog. That sound fun?

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