Refuse to Lose

Had a nice 5K with my Mom this morning. Refuse to Lose 5K. We started out together and I wasn’t planning on racing at all, but then she started walking and I wanted to at least run a little bit and I was so surprised at how not sore I was. Typically the week after I run a half marathon I am dead to the world for running, but not only did I pull of training all week, I pulled off a nice pace for my race today. Mile 1 came in at around 10:15 so I figured about 10 with the difference in starting position and I was excited because there were a few hills. I was a little concerned because at the one hill I felt my heart flutter a bit and I wondered if I had any caffeine the day before since that’s usually what causes my irregular rhythm. I found a nice pace and found myself passing a lot of people! The half way spot was after a nice gradual downhill and came with some water. I drank a few sips walked a few steps and dumped some on my head…to my surprise it set off some sweat from my head and as I started to run again a giant warm blob dropped from my head onto the back of my neck. YUM. back up the hill over to the mile two and OK with the 20:45 time, but knew I needed to kick it up to make sure I didn’t fall into an 11:00 pace. The group I was running with came to the last sizable hill and a man says to his running partner (maybe his wife) “Well, this is where all the 30 and unders go zoom” (he made a zoom noise not so much saying the word) and I was pleased to meet his prediction. Up the hill I went and back down the other side, around the corner with mile 3 and toward to time clock. I tried really hard to get around the couple in front of me but couldn’t find the space and couldn’t speed up enough to get around without hurting their pace so I brought it in just over 31 mins. I would predict with the starting difference I was closer to being under 31 and around a 10:20 pace. I would have preferred closed to 10 or less for normal 5K but was amazed at how well I did given last weeks half.

Tomorrow is a 13 mile slow run as part of my marathon training…if it’s not raining I will go over to a trail. I also need to figure out why when the bottom of my thigh has pressure ( like sitting on the edge of the chair) there is PAIN on the top and my whole leg feels pinched. Probably a nerve or muscle issue. Hmmm.

I earned a Friday night

Usually Friday rolls around and I’m torn between wanting to be a blob and knowing I didn’t do well with the work outs for the week. This was is totally different.

Monday – was a rest day after the half marathon and I was pleased about that…worked on school work for finals

Tuesday – was set up to be a 3 mile day and I ended up having to do that inside on the ellip since it was dark and gross outside but the time I was done with school and work.

Wednesday – FINALLY done with summer courses! I went to yoga and felt amazing, in fact I think I am getting close to doing a proper downward facing dog…but it might all be in my head. Afterward it didn’t hurt to move around so much. I went to my friends jewelry party after yoga and we chatted and looked at pretty things, I bought a new purple and black necklace. Then…and this is the amazing part…I did my six mile run! Yes folks I actually did my medium Wed distance run ON Wednesday and the WHOLE distance. Mind you I had to again stay inside and use the ellip but I find ways of making it work for me!

Thursday – Tried to take Emme to the puppy parlor, they were closed. Went home and did laundry and cleaning instead before work. After work I really hesitated to go for my run, but I knew it was only 3 miles and it would be good for me to get outside. And I did it! I used the neighborhood and worked in some serious hill repeats although I didn’t need to. I was running the whole time too and felt awesome. I finished strong around 3.2 miles and walked another .4 back to the house. Very pleased with myself!

Friday – TA DA! I actually completed my training as I was supposed to *past self on the back* so tonight it’s me and the PJs and TV and I don’t have to feel guilty.

Tomorrow I am doing a race in Hudson in the AM with my Mom (Refuse to Lose 5K) and I was going to do the Shot in the Dark but I didn’t register in time and don’t wanna spend 30 bucks and gas money to run by myself. Gale is out of town and Tom and Pete backed out. Boo. Maybe I’ll go for a ride? Sunday I’m supposed to put in a 13 miler on my own. Oh lordy will THAT be fun. How did we get to the double digit weeks so quickly?

Make sure to check out some photos from last weekend now added to the post.

Presque Isle Weekend

EDIT: Two pics from the wonderful finish. My best to date ( ; with chip time counted

So nothing out of the ordinary happened to me this past weekend, which was a relief after all the recent craziness. I woke up at a fairly reasonable hour on Saturday knowing I needed to be at Gale’s by 9. I was and still am waist deep in final projects and papers for my summer class, so like a good little girl I planned to work on some before leaving. Time got away from me and before I knew it I was running about the house like a crazy girl trying to shove stuff into my bag and hoping I didn’t leave anything important behind. I was texting Gale as I jumped into the car and prayed I wasn’t overly late and needing to answer to Shawn.

I arrived a few minutes after 9 so I was not overly late, but Shawn gave me a small pretend guilt trip. The ride there wasn’t anything too exciting, gossip and music. When we got there we couldn’t decide what to do first so we finally settled on picking up the race packets. Of course Gale killed a million trees printing directions to the hotel, to the race, to whatever else including the local Marshalls and T J Maxx, but somehow we didn’t have directions to where we needed to get our info. So we pulled over and I got to teach her how to use Google Maps and we found the address and went on our way. The bags were nothing more than a few ads and our shirts, bibs and chip. I was put off I couldn’t use my own ChampionChip but hey it happens. The tanks were really cool. For the ladies they were a lime green color with navy print and honestly something I will wear. They were having a sale and Gale bought a “safety green” jacket she’s always wanted and some cool gloves with earth magnets. I of course have the blessing/curse of heating up like the 4th of July when I run and couldn’t imagine wearing gloves!

After that we spent the rest of the weekend hanging in the hotel, driving around and bonding lol. Shawn got into an insanely cold pool and Gale and I tried to do some yoga. We watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie and really nothing else worth noting off the top of my head. Oh! We went to the Downs/Casino and they asked for my ID apparently I don’t pass for 21. Here’s the really weird thing, they said I JUST made the cut off (what??) I don’t personally find 25 JUST making the cut off for 21, but I guess it is closer than the 80 year olds falling all over the slots. Everything was computerized, including the toilets so not really much comfort or atmosphere. We only stayed about 30 minutes and I only lost 5 bucks…oooh big spender!

Now the race day. We wake up at an ungodly hour as we always do on these road trips. I lay in bed and wonder how I am going to get the energy to get onto the floor let alone run 13.1 miles. We sit around and slowly get ready and Shawn criticizes everything I want to do. He gets mad at me for carrying too much weight, mad at me for thinking about time, mad at me for even taking salt pills and blah blah blah. I love Shawn but I wish he’d let me invent my own style. I’m never going to be an elite runner…NEVER it’s not in my genetics, but I have fun. And if it’s more fun for me to run 11 minutes versus 10 minutes, who cares but me? Anyway…we leave the hotel and head over to the park. I have no images of my own so here’s one I stole from a web site.
We drive around the bend and park and we go off in search of the potty. We find said potty and wait in line forever and a day….but hey it’s chip timed! LoL. We get in and thank goodness there is paper in some of the stalls. Oddly there is a siren going off and no one knows why. Someone asks us what it could mean. I tell her it means she’s the 1000th customer and has won a very special prize. They don’t believe me. In line we make friends with these two girls from the area and it’s the one’s first half…yippie! Join the fun!

After potty time it’s just about the start and we go to line up, I am distracted by a very cute Italian greyhound and realize they need us on the path. I try to walk through and people won’t move, I try excuse me and pushing gently and they won’t budge. Seriously this is not Boston you don’t need prime standing locations! I yell that I’m a runner and need on that path and people say “sorry” and move aside. And race begins!

The first mile was nice and I hear them call a time of about 10:30 and I’m glad I didn’t go out too fast, knowing with the distance from the start it’s an 10 min pace. Mile 2 is 21:ish and I like that I’m keeping 10 to 11. My goal is 10 to 11 and 12 if I HAVE to. They don’t have timers again until 10 and I don’t wear a watch. I know I’m doing well though because I FEEL good and I know my first pod cast is 1:17:xx which is about 77 minutes and I’m clearing 7 when it ends which puts me around an 11 min pace. At points my feet are KILLING me and I can’t stand running on the pavement. The balls of my feet are stinging with pain, so I move over into the grass along the path and am much more comfortable in the grass and packed sand. I try to relax and look at the trees and water and pretty areas. We get to mile 10 and I pause my ipod to see were I am…and they say “2 hours and blah blah seconds” and I immediately think I’ve missed the number of minutes. I realize they really did call 2 hours and I’m happy because although I have run 10 miles in about 1:50ish before I haven’t cleared under 2 in a while this year. But I also know I have 3 more miles to go and I”m pacing. I’m so happy with my time I make myself keep running although I wanna walk a little. Typically I fall apart at 10 and I don’t want to do that. So I make it to what I think is 11.5 and walk the water stop, but then I see the marker for 12 like 100 feet in the distance. I tell myself it’s only one more mile and I keep running. I see the finish banner and I try to pick it up. I finally manage to get into a full on sprint and I finish in like 2:40:20 and with the chip I’m at 2:40:04 and am realllly proud of myself because 2:40:00 was my goal and it’s also now my personal best. Not the most impressive time, but I was proud of the pacing and am on my way to the full! If only I could figure out how to take away the pain in my toes? Any ideas?