Wadsworth 4-mile matchstick race

Just a quick note about tonight race. I did WONDERFULLY. I took a little over 4 minutes off my time from last year and I couldn’t be happier. I felt great for nearly the whole race and the little things I’ve noticing during training are paying off. 1) I clench my fists which is probably a waste of energy so I remind myself to stay lose and go with the flow and I find myself speeding up and moving more fluidly. 2) Do NOT drag my feet. Stead strong movements of my legs keep my feet from dragging and pressure off certain muscles/joints and it keep me moving quicker too. However I DO need to figure out what is causing my feet to go numb. I think it’s still a stretching issue and since it’s equal in both feet I’m not worried.

Mile 1 I completed around 9:30 and I was very pleased and felt strong…better than going out too strong like last week. Mile 2 was around 20:30 which I didn’t want to slow up that much but I was glad I was pacing out a bit. I really needed to focus to keep my grove up while doing some hills but it paid off when I ran past mile 3 and heard 30:40ish. Hey NOT bad…keeping a 10:00 pace or there about. The real test came the last 4 miles and knowing I just wanted to be done because it’s like 80 degrees and the night time! Ha. So I gave it my all, but didn’t over do it since I have a race tomorrow and training Sunday. I saw the finish line and I went for it and was pleased to cross under 41:00. My goal was 40-44 so it was an excellent finish.

I WAS going to do a 10K tomorrow but I looked at my mileage log and am not sure if that’s a good idea with needing to do a 9 mile run at some point. I don’t want to increase too much too fast. SO I think I will back down to the 5K do some cross training bike riding and then do the 9 miler on my own on Sunday. Hey there are lots of weekends to do fun and exciting stuff…train smarter not harder.

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