I don’t know what to call this

This is supposed to be week four of my training, and I actually went for my three mile run tonight. I know that sounds easy but the problem with thinking something is easy is that you’re usually wrong. Now, there is no reason 3 miles should be an issue, but somehow my legs did not get this memo or they decided to trash it upon reading. The good news? The pain in my left knee and right inside ankle area were both non existent. The bad-ish news? I did walk too much, leading to a 13:00/mi pace (eew) and both of the bottoms of my feet began to go numb. I think this has to do with the shoes and tightness of laces and lack of stretching and other user error. Now let me tell you about my weekend which might explain how I got to where I was tonight.

Friday night I went to Jackson for one of my FAVORITE races. It’s a 5K and it starts right before 10:00 with a firework kickoff. All the runners are given a glow stick necklace and people will lace them in their hair or ankles or arms or whatever. Many people buy some of their won glow sticks (I was one of the this year) and away we go, nearly 800 of us in the dark glowing and looking like human sparklers. There were people in their driveways playing music and waving real sparklers and always tons of little kids cheering and running around, grabbing sticks as the fly off runners. I was near the front (didn’t mean to be!) and I ran past the mile one counter thinking (wow they sure showed up fast) well they did. I cleared the first mile with a count of 8:50 something and I wasn’t all the way up front so that means I was running less than that…VERY atypical of my speed! I knew this was a bad sign and despite trying to correct my speed I fell victim to side stitches in mile two. I did NOT walk but wow did it HURT!!! So mile two completed around 19:00 which wasn’t bad for a total. I was coming up around the bend of the track and saw one of the girls I was talking to in the bathroom line. A HS girl who says she runs around 23 minutes but tonight was going for 28. I had a burst of energy when I thought I might be doing as well as her, but that was short lived and my legs began to feel heaving the the 4 miles of hill running I did on Thursday night began to sink in. I was going in slow motion! I saw the inflatable finish arch and just started to push and push and push I flew past some people at the end but I didn’t make my sub 30 goal. 31:00:03 lol. Still I was pleased since my times in 2008 and 2007 were 33 mins. Back home and to bed near midnight…fun stuff.

Saturday I woke to rain but wanted to get to yet another race. Rain let up and I slowly made it out the door. I was not registered so I should have stayed in bed but I don’t listen to reason. 20 bucks later and no shirt I was set for Jim Klett (5K version). Of course there was a downpour when I arrived so I tossed my good shoes in the back (don’t need a Mill Creek repeat when I ruined brand new racing shoes) and put on some cheap tennis shoes I carry around just because. NOT a good move. My legs KILLED most of the run and I think it was the lack of decent support. I finished this one in a very unimpressive 34:00 (ok impressive to SOME but not what I’ve been doing lately). The food for this race is fantastic though! Three french toast sticks, 3 sausages links, half an orange, tons of grabs, 2 cookies, OJ, milk, bagel and other stuff too I think! Wow!

Later that night I went up to Edgewater/Whiskey Island. Not an easy thing to find (Wendy Park) but worth the trip. I did a 6K CC relay with my friend Pete. What an interesting course and SO MUCH FUN. Anyone who was wondering about it missed out on one heck of a time. Of course I felt slow because I was running with people who I swear are Olympians and Boston runners. Oy. I was actually really impressed because the distance was almost 2 miles and I finished in 20 mins which given what I was doing and it was CC not bad for me! So now I feel a lil more proud peacock-ish.

And last but not least I woke Sunday bright and early to get to a local park, where I wore my familiar black marker tat on my leg and set up my transition zone. It was time for the first real Tri of the season. Swim (.25 mile) went well, I was hoping for 10 mins and manage just over that (like seconds over it) so cool. Then I lost valuable time in T1 B/c I didn’t wear my tri suit and couldn’t get my bike shorts on (rookie mistake from a non-rookie) 3 minutes T1 ouch! Then off on the bike (11 mile) and a lil adventure around the city. Slowly the faster guys passed me up and tried to be encouraging…please don’t look at me or talk to me. lol. My legs were rubber but I kept going and I managed to enjoy my ride even if I was sore. For the first time I didn’t break on the downhills and I think that made a HUGE difference, especially when using that force to get up the next hill. I wanted a 45 min bike at the worst I wanted 30 at the best. I made it in 49…grrr. Finally the run (5K) and I was so done. I walked part of the first lap and people thought I was almost done. I was embarrassed by this and didn’t walk the rest of the first or any of the second lap. I don’t know the exact count but my overall time was 1:41:xx ish. I made third place in my age group at the end of it…but I wish I had done better. I went home and took a LONG NAP.

And Monday rest day was awesome. So now it’s Tuesday and my legs are not all the way healed. I ran most of my training tonight, but I walked because my shins hurt and I’ve never has shin splints and refuse to get them now!

Tomorrow is yoga and a 4miler. Then I am skipping Thursday’s 3 mile and running on Friday (normally rest) at a 4-miler race. Sat is a 10K (and I’ll need 3 other miles afterward) and Sunday is cross train to perhaps a nice bike ride or even a trip to the lake for a swim.

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