Three Things Thursday

If you’re here for the race report, keep scrolling down, and welcome!

1. Year after year I see people post their “yearly mileage” goals. Most of the time it has to do with the year being the total number of miles ran within those 12 months. Example, 2,014 miles for the current year. I always thought that sounded “easy”, but what do I know? Then again that would be 4-7 pairs of shoes, so even if it is “easy” it wouldn’t be cheap! Anyway….after my race this weekend I received one of the many cute badges from FitBit.

unnamedMy 1,000 miles for the year badge! WOW. Really? I know there was about 2-3 months where I didn’t wear one, but c’mon. Those are miles for walking, running, wiggling, whatever. When other people track it is ONLY the miles they run. Now I am much more impressed with those 2014-ers.

2. How many of you have ever had a massage? Regular or deep tissue? We all know what happened to me during Outrun24 with the 15 minute brief deep tissue on my legs.


So I try to avoid “rough” massages now. I’ve had regular ones in the past at several places. Well, I went yesterday morning for a regular massage. It was supposed to relaxing. It was supposed to promote healing from BBA50K before I tackle Philly Marathon. Everything DID feel great when I left. Holy did not know there were so many knots in my shoulder blades. Last night and today I feel like a bus hit me! No bruising, but boy am I super sore and sensitive to the touch. Has that happened to anyone else? Is that normal? When will it go away?

3. While I was getting ready this morning I heard Dr Oz on the radio. Not a fan at all. Sorry I’m not sorry. However I won’t turn my station off when he is a guest because they always make funny innuendos and stuff. At any rate. He was talking about wheat and gluten. What he said struck me as interesting. First, wheat itself isn’t the main issue, it is how it’s grown, stored, processed, etc. Changes in this aspect of things has created more and more issues with how our guts deal with wheat. Many people feel less mentally cloudy and start to lose weight sans wheat. I don’t feel cloudy, but maybe I should cut back on the wheat and see? Hmm.


The second thing he said I liked was about gluten. He mentioned how gluten is the stuff that makes things sticky or able to stick together. Meaning when something is MADE TO BE gluten free, sometimes it has to be manipulated to mimic those properties. AKA chemical shit storm? However, things that are NATURALLY gluten free do no pose a problem. Huh. I wonder how many of my GF friends go the natural route, and how many shop for the easy access labels at the stores? And if they have noticed any issues. Chime in folks!

Enjoy Friday Eve for those of you working a M-F shift. I’ll check in tomorrow after Weight Watchers. Thanks for stopping by!


A 25 Mile DNF is NOT a Failure

Four years after I was ecstatic to make the list for Bill’s Bad Ass 50K I finally took part in the event. In 2011 I sat out due to my heart condition. In 2012 I sat out due to leg injury and post dog attack issues. In 2013 I ran away to Kentucky for what I thought was a true love story. 2014 was the year I knew despite kidney stones, depression and blah blah blah I was showing up at the starting line…and guess what? I did!

The week before I ate properly and stretched and rested. The day before I drank plenty of water/sports drink mix and carb loaded. The night before I set out my outfit and settled into bed. Then at 700 AM and as the sun rose over the trees, I found myself joining a group of wonderful friends for a day out in the woods. It was about 30 degrees, we all dressed in many, many layers and were thankful it didn’t rain or snow, or get too windy.

10406989_10102915544776924_5829569214409174716_n 1375967_10102915545904664_2230994491392868651_n

The race itself involves 6 laps around a 5 mile course. After the six laps, runners head across the road to a ridiculous and steep hill about a mile long both ways. Haha. At the top one must collect a piece of candy to prove you made it to the top, and bring it back down to the “finish line”.

Most people bring lots of food and drink to share. I arrived early to drop $40 worth of groceries off. I didn’t need 90% of them, but I never know what I’ll want, and with allergies it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have a choice. I started my morning with half a Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich. I’ve done this for most of my races this year and I have yet to experience any issues. Along with Megan (pictured above) and Melissa I jogged off into the distance. It didn’t take long for most people to pass us by and Melissa and I were bringing up the rear with smiles and stories.

I don’t know the exact elevation of the course, I don’t wear a Garmin or anything else anymore. I find it distracts from my true enjoyment of running.  AKA I get too competitive and goal oriented. I can tell you at the end of the event my FitBit registered a TON more steps than expected (consistent with the extra movement of trail running) and it thinks I climbed 300 floors. Since I finished 5 laps, that would be about 60 floors per loop? Anyway. Yes, lots of hills, 3.5 water crossings and mud and leaves.

About 2/3 of the way into the first loop, another friend of mine came across the trail. She started late and managed to catch up with us. I went off with her briefly thinking I’d never keep up long and would wait for Melissa not too far in the distance. Amazingly I kept up with Tap and after 2 laps together her friend Randy joined for another 2 loops.

BBA50K 2014-454-(ZF-2795-33608-1-003) BBA50K 2014-457-(ZF-2795-33608-1-006) BBA50K 2014-460-(ZF-2795-33608-1-009) BBA50K 2014-463-(ZF-2795-33608-1-012)

If you’re doing the math, that puts us at 10 miles with Melissa/Tap then 10 more miles with Tap/Randy for 20 total miles. One of the BEST moments of the whole race happened with Tap on our second loop. During a “flatter” section of the course I pulled out the second half of my sandwich. I hadn’t told her about my meal plan, so when she looked over to say something she did a double take before saying “Where the F*** did you get a Wendy’s sandwich?” And as I was laughing and almost choking she continues “No. For real. I don’t see a F*** drive-up window in the woods” Not sure if the second part is a direct quote though. I guess that is a weird sight, huh?

Near the end of the 4th loop I was feeling FANTASTIC. I swear it was my steady diet of having a grape G2 Gatorade (12 oz) and a package of Golden Oat BelVita Breakfast Biscuits every loop. I had all the energy and strength I could have hoped for and almost pulled a negative split. I phoned my Mom quickly to tell her to expect me for my last loop at 3:30 PM.

Running/walking my 5th loop alone was not a concern. I enjoyed the quite time to reflect and I wasn’t really alone. In fact I was shocked how many people kept coming by on the trail. Both runners and casual hikers out and about on a Saturday. Sadly, the miles caught up with me somewhere between 20-25 miles and I slowed down without knowing it. Mom met me very close to the end of the loop and we jogged in together. It was between 3:45 and 4:00. I missed the cut off and was dropped from the race. The cut off was set to keep all runners and volunteers from being in the dark. Probably a little for safety reasons, but also because it’s an all volunteer (free) event so who wants to be out there that long?


Sure, there was a part of me that was super bummed. A bigger part of me was SUPER pleased though. I just ROCKED 25 realllllllly difficult trail miles. I wasn’t sick, or moody or anything negative and the drop wasn’t my “choice” or “needed”. I COULD have finished if there wasn’t a time limit. Heck I even played the “what if” game and realized if I ran a lil faster and took quicker aid station breaks, I could have made THIS cut off. Yet, I also knew this was the best thing for me. I accomplished my goals.

  1. I showed up and started the race (enough right there)
  2. I gave what I could (had to hold back to keep safe for Philly)
  3. I had FUN

Walking over to Chef Bill’s car, I turned in my $10 to buy a mug since I didn’t earn one for free. I kept a smile on my face the whole time. It was a great event and I did it without hurting myself, meaning I will be good to go for Philly next weekend.

I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to start an event they know they may not finish. I know a lot of people would be embarrassed to post a DNF. Today and for this race, I’m not either of those groups. In my book, a 25 mile DNF is NOT a failure. I was able to enjoy the day with friends I was able to learn about myself and my body, and I’m able to keep being active and healthy, How could that be wrong?

Be a Fitness Sneak

Welcome to my new weekly Weight Watchers check in. How did I do this week? I gained 1.4 pounds. Some theories about this gain include

  1. Food choices
  2. Weight gain from intense exercising
  3. Body refusing to drop weight because I didn’t refuel properly

All in all I’m not torn up about it, I know I’m in an unusual pattern of food and exercise with the two races, so I’ll be more curious and cautious in a few more weeks.

This week’s topic is “Be a Fitness Sneak”.


What’s a fitness sneak? Someone who finds ways to be more active during already planned/typical activities. There was something I really liked about this topic. It wasn’t a focus on “walk away and go for a jog” or “try a new class”. Instead it was fun suggestions like “put on music when cooking and turn it into a dance party” or “wrap your presents while standing because standing burns more calories than sitting”.

A lot of the things discussed during my meeting were ideas I’ve used in the past or use currently, so I started to rack my brain for more personal ideas. Even as I left the meeting I was drawing a blank. Then I looked at the weekly for inspiration. Even Emme tried to get into the research.

unnamed (1)

One idea I LOVED suggested mixing and cooking everything by hand instead of using power tools for an upper body work out. Hey it’s also a great way to be mindful and present in the moment. Plus less power means safer for little ones if you want to get the kids involved.

Sadly, for my own routine I am still struggling to find a way to be sneaky. It’s much more my forte to simply sign up for a new class or sneak in an actual run then to try for 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there. Obviously this reflects from my ActiveLink assessment where they called me an Occasional Athlete and encouraged me to find more activity consistently in my day. Who has more suggestions for me? Help a sister out. I’ll report back next week.