Race Report : ADM Recovery Challenge 5K 2015

Another Throwback Thursday race report. Back in May I headed over to the beautiful grounds of IBH Addiction Recovery Center to take part in the Recovery Challenge 5K. This is a local obstacle course event, which is very family friendly. I took part for the last 3 years, first because it did sound fun and second because it helped to support funding for my job. Now that I don’t work in the same county, I wonder if I will continue to attend the event? I’d like to think I will because I still enjoy the course and I still support the work being done in the area.

In 2013 I went to the event with my Mom, sister and boyfriend at the time. One of my best friends and “work wife” was there with her boyfriend of the time too. We weren’t sure what to expect, but had a blast climbing through “web” ropes, jumping or climbing hale bales, doing the balance beam and of course knee high tires and a slip n slide. I was sad the first year because no one capture me in action on the slide. The tires are my favorite every year.


In 2014 I returned again with my Mom, sister and Deonna, This time we were sans significant others. It rained the whole event, but that simply made it more mud run friendly. Again we enjoyed the various obstacles and again I didn’t get a slip n slide pic. Again I loved the tires.


For 2015, we were down a huge chunk of people. Mom and Becky decided they couldn’t go because it MIGHT rain and they needed to be somewhere for volunteer orientation and couldn’t risk cutting it too close. My significant other was working that morning so Deonna and I showed up and she had her boyfriend with her to enjoy the course and take really convincing “action” shots.

10394613_10205617884581272_2087848990788147850_n 10985563_10205617886181312_4025094643950701007_n 11168019_10205617887861354_145971059296156861_n 11207282_10205617890381417_2237803266274524161_n 11216591_10205617889901405_3393662334384246269_n 11230222_10205617890781427_2381539306045075453_n

I think there was an entire mile or at least half a mile where we simply walked back and forth across a field. They try to change the course every year to keep people interested and because of the rain this year I think they were afraid of damaging too much of the property or we simply couldn’t get to certain parts.

Maybe because I’ve done it the other years, but this seemed like the easiest year overall for the course. However there were some parts which stepped up their game. In the wooded area at the start we had to go up this rocky hill section. It wasn’t too long, but it was steep and it was impressive for the “family friendly” course as advertised. I think there was a way to bypass it if needed.

Most of the other staples were there, the balance beam, web rope, hale bale jumping, climbing was gone I think, crawling under a giant parachute, high knees in tires, lots of fun. The best part though? SOMEONE FINALLY CAPTURED A PIC OF ME ON THE SLIDE!

11014872_10205617877581097_4095157516689306390_n 22629_10205617877221088_6793590026056237530_n

That was SUPER cold!

After the slide there’s still a lil bit of a jog back to the finish. Then it is inside for some turkey Subway, apples, pretzels and candy if any is left while they announce awards.

22330_10205617876141061_4801538549659666042_n 11270161_10205617875301040_1063366134338590348_n

The face though, what is happening with my face? I can’t take losing. Noooooooo

If time, health and finances allow, I hope to back for the 4th installment in 2016!

Are there any local obstacle course events where you are? Would you go to one that isn’t nationally recognized/hosted?


20 Reasons You Should Love Triathlon

I know I’m not posting as often as I should. One might think being unemployed I have lots of time to work on this site, but oddly being out of a routine has created a demand on my time and posting stopped being a priority. However, keeping this blog alive is always a priority so I am thankful to have lovely guest authors at my disposal. Regina contacted me a few months ago to write a piece and I love what she sent over. (Side note: I have placed a freeze on accepting additional guest pieces for the time being).

On Facebook two of my girlfriends recently completed IRONMAN competitions and many more do triathlons of all sorts of distances. Plus I always have a soft sport for multi-sport (shout out to reason numbers 6 and 12!)…so here we go with today’s guest post!

20 Reasons You Should Love Triathlon

Triathlon is a sport unlike any other, and its one that has become increasingly popular since its beginnings in the 1920s. Its a race that allows the strongest and fastest athletes to compete, and its been incorporated into the Olympics since 2000. But, why should you adore this sport? Well, I came up with twenty awesome reasons…

  1. It’s a true test of endurance.

Triathlon incorporates a huge range of different muscle groups throughout a single race. Your body has to be trained to go from running, to biking, to swimming without a single pause. That isnt easy, and being able to stay in the race is an accomplishment in and of itself.

  1. Triathlon trains your body.

If you want more strength, more speed, and more endurance, training for triathlon will do that for you.

  1. The constant switching from race to race tones your body, too.

Its been proven; switching up your exercise will make it easier to get toned, regardless of your age. The high demands of the sport mean you can expect to see more muscles, a leaner figure, and an overall more beautiful physique.

  1. Competition is a nice thing, especially when winning means all the glory goes to you.

Team sports are cool, but when you know its you alone who won that race, youll get much more satisfaction on a win.

  1. Racing of any sort is an adrenaline rush.

When you race, your blood begins to pump. All you see is you and the finish line, and all you feel is the amazing feeling of pure rush pumping through your veins. Its a beautiful thing.

  1. It’s not monotonous.

Most runners and joggers may find it somewhat boring to keep running for 5 miles straight. With triathlon, theres more to it than just running. Its the perfect sport for people who want to mix it up!

  1. Triathlon is trendy.

All the top fitness celebrities are either doing Crossfit, triathlon, or both. Its become a lot more glamorous than its been in the past, and its a fun trend to take part in.

  1. It lets you prove something to yourself and others.

Youre doing amazing physical feats that would make most people break. Youre able to beat your own records, show off your dedication, and exceed expectations others have for you. Youre an Iron Woman!

  1. Most triathlon runners have kickin’ metabolisms.

Did you ever notice how much people who partake in triathlon eat, and how slim they manage to stay? Thats because they know that theyll burn off all those calories within the next race. For many people, triathlon is a quick ticket to nearly guilt-free eating.

  1. Triathlon trainers have a really solid community.

Its rare to find a community as supportive of you as fellow triathletes. Youll get amazing friends, positive encouragement, and awesome support from this crowd.


  1. It’s good for you.

We shouldnt have to tell you all the benefits a good workout can give you. Your awesome physique, lower levels of stress, and natural energy boost should tell you enough.

  1. Your self-esteem will skyrocket.

If youve been feeling down about yourself, triathlon will put an end to that. Regular training will give you a better physique, boost your overall mood, and also give you accomplishments not many other people can brag about.

  1. Triathlon gear looks good.

And, itll make you look great. Theres nothing like being able to look at your toned body in beautiful triathlon gear to make you realize why you exercise.


  1. You’ll live longer.

By working out now, youre reducing your chances of dying at an early age. Triathletes often look younger for this reason alone.

  1. It sure beats staying inside and watching TV.

Its called life. Live it, dont watch it happen to other people.

  1. Once you’ve completed your first race, you’ll get addicted to the feeling of winning.

Just finishing a race is a major accomplishment in the world of triathlon. Once you cross your first finish line, youre going to want to do it again and again.

  1. Finishing an Ironman race is a serious status symbol.

If you can finish an Ironman race, youre a serious athlete. Not many people can say that, and being able to strut in an Ironman shirt can be a huge ego boost, too.

  1. Triathlon training will give you discipline.

Is triathlon easy? Not at all. Thats why you should do it in the first place. It will make you more dedicated and more disciplined than ever before.

  1. It can help you battle personal demons.

Whether its using the race as a way to get rid of stress and anger, or whether its overcoming an eating disorder by choosing to do triathlon, this is one sport that will allow you to get your mind in the right place.

  1. Triathlon changes you as a person.

Trust me on this one…triathlon will change the way that you live your life. It will be a change for the better.

Author Bio: A fashion and fitness aficionado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fashion tips. Catch more of her work on The Upside blog.

My “Happy” Wasn’t What I Expected

I am not depressed. Well currently I am not depressed. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me though….because I am still fat and “lazy”. It’s funny how people create an image of you FOR you and when you stop being that image it’s how they know something is “wrong”.

Dave and I were talking about this the other day. He’s the first person I was able to talk to about this without getting overly defensive and he was actually quite wonderful about not twisting things around about how I NEED to lose weight and exercise. We were driving along and I told him how I just don’t WANT to do it anymore. This doesn’t mean I’m depressed. There’s so many things in life I enjoy. I enjoy talking about the things we want to do with the house. I enjoy reading. I enjoy painting. I enjoy going to book club. I even enjoy walking with him and when we were swimming at the beach. I dread the idea of going back to a fitness class or signing up for events with my friends. Why? Because they want the OLD me or they want to be ENCOURAGING because they think I want the old me. I don’t think I do though.

Side note: This may have been when Dave asked what I DO want and we decided to he would join my gym too. We could swim together or do treadmill or bikes together. Then we could go at our own pace. I’m still not THRILLED about the idea of going to the gym, but I suppose it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

The old me started this blog saying it was to keep myself excited and accountable during my first marathon training. Looking back now I see it was also to win approval during my training. “See? I’m doing it right”. Every blog post was a cry to the world, “I matter too”. Every pound lost was a victory step toward showing so-and-so they were wrong about me.

After my last race I had an epiphany of sorts. I don’t want to be like I was before (not right now anyway, maybe I’ll change my mind in the future). I don’t want to go to events and be loud and cheer everyone on…that’s not always what the people racing participating want to hear. I don’t want people to encourage me, at least not in the way most people encourage. Most people will watch you do something athletic and say, “I know you can do better than that, push it” and various versions of this statement. I KNOW it’s meant to mean, “I believe in you and want to see you surprise yourself with your power”. However sometimes it sound like, “What you just did isn’t good enough, so do MORE”.

With my weight gain and lack of exercise I’ve put myself in a weird place. I miss running, but it HURTS to run. I miss racing, but it isn’t fun anymore. So many of my friends who still run focus too much on numbers. How to be faster. How to weight less. How to follow heart rate. So few people go out and do things for fun. So few people ask me after an event “Did you like it”, it’s almost always “Ohhh, how LONG did that take”. I realized this a long time ago though, and it’s reflected in my race reports. I tried to stop reporting time and performance measures other than attitude and experience.

I’m in a place where it IS enough just to be there. It IS enough just to finish. I don’t care if it takes me an hour to do a mile at an obstacle course race IF I’m having fun. Maybe that’s not “pushing myself” to those on the course, but really, given the last 6+ months of my life…it IS pushing myself. No it doesn’t help when people say, “People with disabilities push harder”. No, it doesn’t help when people say, “People who weigh more than you push harder”. OK that’s THEIR story that’s THEIR choice….this is MINE.

Maybe I sound a little angry, I promise I’m not. I’m just tired. I’m tired of people looking at me with sadness in their eyes. Yes, I’ve gained 60 pounds (or more depending on when you first met me). Yes, I’ve lost some of my passion for exercise, but as we talked about before I wasn’t using it for the right reasons.

I don’t care that I’m “fat” right now. Sure I care in the sense that I hate looking at myself, but that’s only because of the sadness I see in others when they look at me. Honestly, the reason I’m not motivated to change is because I’m not unhappy. I’m not depressed. I have a great relationship with my boyfriend and my family. I have a great new job. I have hope for the future instead of stress. I just don’t know what role exercise will play yet. I stopped comfort eating, but that doesn’t mean the weight will just magically fall off either. I’m not worried. I just wish people would stop being worried FOR me.