Staycation, Allergies and LuLaRoe

My staycation started on Friday in my mind even if it officially started this morning. Normally I am off Fri, Sat and Sun which is why I guess it wasn’t part of my vacation period, but still it was a part of the 11 wonderful days of not going to work. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my new job and it’s been a fantastic 8 months (seriously 8 months already), but it was time for a little break.


Originally Dave and I were gonna head out to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, but money and life, ya know? Then we were thinking of doing a 2-3 day thing in NYC, but again with the money and life. Currently the plan is to head to Columbus for 2 days, which is still such a blessing to spend uninterrupted time with him! We are going to go to COSI (Science Center), the fancy theater where you eat while watching a movie, and the zoo. I’ve never been to the C-Bus zoo so I’m super excited!

This past weekend we cleaned up around the house a little and worked in the garden. I finished a book and mourned the loss of our lil pumpkin plant.


Oh well. We don’t know what we did wrong, but hoping to get it right eventually. I even bought a watermelon plant (already sprouted) so here’s hoping for some yummy fruit in about 2 months. I also snagged some carrot seeds in hopes of growing some treats for the new kids (our guinea pigs).

I am also battling allergies. I keep forgetting to take my meds at night and when I wake up everything itches and my throat feels like razor blades. I take meds during the day too, but if I take too many then I feel like I can’t move and sleep my life away.


Today I started the grand project of taking down the wallpaper in our half bath and eventually will paint it a nice cream color or perhaps yellow. Taking wallpaper down is not fun what so ever and I really wanted it to be fun haha. Maybe if I didn’t feel like I was breathing fire and razors I would have had more fun.

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On the fitness front I feel like I’m doing well. I ended last week’s “work week challenge” with about 46,000 steps of my 50,000 goal. Part of this included going to the “white party” for Zumba Friday night.


I also woke up the next morning and did another round of Zumba which helped land me a badge for Fitbit’s special “Goal Day Challenge”. I had all my steps in before noon! Then I didn’t move the rest of the day because I pinched something in my back. This carried into Sunday and Monday which is really irritating to me, but since I’m also dealing with allergies I don’t have the energy to complain. Luckily I also don’t have the energy to eat all the food. Still hoping for a full 10 pounds lost since I started this whole mission 2 months ago….we will know in about another week.

The only other awesome thing to share right now is I have been introduced to the wonderful thing which is LuLaRoe. I’ve been invited to a few “pop ups” but never paid much attention. When my friend Susan started her business I decided to give it a look and was amazed at all the colors and rave reviews. Sitting at about a size 18/20 pants I don’t have many comfy weekend pants and almost nothing fits me for leggings and tights anymore. When it does fit my waist, it doesn’t fit my height. Several of my plus sized friends swear by the tall and curvy leggings so I thought I’d give them a try. On the day I went to pick them up I also tried on a few other pieces to know my size and fell in love with a shirt which also came home with me.


I honestly have been wearing the shirt about 2 or 3 days in a row now. Haha. It is the perfect soft and comfy weekend shirt but also stylish enough for an event or work. Oh and I just tried the leggings on today (basic black) and who knows when they will come off. Worth every penny and worth every rave review for sure! I am now a member of about a million FB groups to start stalking all my “unicorns”, especially a few I’d like to give as gifts. Shhhh don’t ruin the surprise

So how about all of you?  Do you have any cool vacations coming up? Do you hate allergies too? Have you tried LuLaRoe?

April Book Reports

April didn’t see many books completed. Of course we all know the reason is due to my participation in CampNaNo which I promise I will stop mentioning every 3.5 seconds. Now get ready for this because I know you’ve see double digits books read in a month in the past so this is going to be a shock for some of you, but in the month of April I read…..


Yep. I guess if you want to be technical I also read most of a third book in April, but I didn’t finish it until May so we will cover it next month. Short and sweet here are the two books I read last month. Links are to Goodreads not a sales account.


Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts his Addiction by Peter Grinspoon


I can’t say enough good things about this book and the fact the author has been incredibly interactive and responsive to me on Twitter only makes him appear more genuine and caring. As I was supposed to be on a no reading ban for the month both books I read were a case of judging a book by its cover. We continued to go to the library every week, and I saw this on the shelf as a new release. I was drawn to the image, but also the basic description. Loving memoirs, working in the field, and being especially interested in the opiate epidemic I was essentially sold before ever reading another word.

Peter breaks his book into three main parts, how he got “busted”, his time in treatment, and what happened after treatment, although the third part wasn’t happily ever after it was the struggles once he was home immediately after treatment. His story is also mixed with tales from his childhood and other “flashback” fill in the blank type details. It’s always an honor to be let into someone’s private world. And since addiction is something so few people understand, it’s a world often kept hidden and shamed. The author gives great perspective as to what was going on in my mind when he used, why he struggled to stay clean and what parts of treatment worked better than others. Lots of this story I am able to use with my own clients now.


Untwine by Edwidge Danticat


Another book I judged by its cover, or more so by the author. YA books are usually a 1-2 day read for me so they are perfect weekend books and since they usually aren’t too “serious” they are preferred for “light” reading for me too. Every week I wonder over to the teen section to see what’s out and what’s trending. Since I plan to re-write my one book as YA I am also on an ever bigger YA kick than I was before. After really enjoying the writing story and “voice” of Danticat’s book last month I decided to give this one a spin. At first it reminded me a lot of “If I Stay” which I read last year. A family in a car accident and a teen deciding how to move forward in life. The accident happens fairly early in the book so it’s not a major spoiler. I thought the author did a good job of having the main character express herself and the range of emotion which would be expected given her different circumstances. I also think the connect between twins was hinted at quite well too. The only aspect I didn’t like was the teen character did come across as a little more immature than I would expect someone her age to be, but then again it could be more about the circumstances than what this character would have been like prior to the events. Very sweet and sad story, but not too sad I couldn’t finish.


There you have it the two books for the month of April. It almost seems unfair to name a “best book of the month” but since I loved it so much I ordered a copy, the title should rightfully go to Free Refills. Happy reading everyone and see you in a few weeks.



What’s Up with the Last Few Weeks?

Hey ladies and gentlemen! What’s new and exciting? Not much here to be perfectly honest. Part of me can’t believe it’s been a solid 3 weeks since there was real activity here, while another part finds it completely understandable given the activity outside of blog land over the last few weeks.

As the last post pointed out I was working hard on my 2nd NaNo project, which while I did finish it (yay me) I can’t say I’m as proud of it as I was my first project. Perhaps because the first was a “real” novel and this was a collection of essays so it didn’t have the same grand finale feeling. Either way, that ship has sailed and I wanted to believe it would free up some time and it might have if other life didn’t try to get in the way too.


I don’t believe I mentioned it on here yet, but I didn’t finish the half marathon I attempted at the end of April. Most of me had a feeling I would miss the cut off, but I never imagined I would hurt myself in the process. Long story short around mile 5-6 my foot was hurting more than I knew what to do and fearing a stress fracture I dropped. The next morning I couldn’t put any weight on it at all, so I went to the doctor thinking it was broken or something equally tragic. An exam and x-ray later I was told it didn’t appear broken (thank god) but I had severe muscle cramping and was given a Rx for muscle relaxers. Of course I can’t be taking those given when I work so I suffered the rest of the week until I felt like I could walk normally again.

See, I was wearing the shoes I ordered fall 2014 when I ran back to back marathons. Knowing my feet would be swollen I ordered an extra wide shoe. Fast forward to present time and I forgot I had done that and since I’ve been wearing the same style shoe for years thought nothing of it when I started running in what I knew were my “newer” road shoes. Well the extra width was too much and it caused my feet to slide and as they slid the were cramping and trying to get a grip for stability or something. If that is all it was it was an easy fix. I placed on order an Amazon with my gift cards and so far the shoes feel amazing, the pain I was getting is gone! That ended the month of April. At least I weighed in at 215 with a 5 pound for the month loss, huh?


The first two weeks of May have been a whirlwind too. As I’ve explained countless times I can barely get anything done during the week which means all my fun or extra stuff is crammed into Fri-Sat-Sun. Well last weekend we went to Dayton to help friends moved and it was Mother’s Day so that took the whole weekend. At least Mom and I got in a 4-5 mile hike together on Sunday with Emme. This weekend I spend every waking hour until about 10 AM today asleep with a fever and other lovely sickness related ailments. On a plus side (silly side) all this dehydration and starving has done wonders for my double chin. Ha. I look super thin right now and according to the scale lost another few pounds. Too bad it won’t last.


My illness also sucked away our scheduled 5K on Saturday. Boo. I know life is about what you can when you can and I know I should be happy I’ve lost any weight or made any progress but dang it feel like 1 step forward 5 steps back over here this last month.

What this post was also getting at it is there’s some great content coming your way over the next few days. I have some interesting research to share, great books and other products. You’ll be happy you stuck around.

In the meanwhile…feel free to leave your own stories down below. I love connecting with others as much as possible. Thanks. ( ;