Race Report : Hall of Fame 5K

Still playing catch up with the reports.

Back in April I was able to take part in a great new series, the Hall of Fame 5K down in Canton, OH.


The fun part of this race was the idea of getting a “high five” from a football player at the end of the event.


The other fun part was the medal, a HUGE gold ring.


While I didn’t care too much about getting the “high five” except until I DIDN’T because he left before the slower runners/walker finished….HOW RUDE….I DID appreciate the giant HOF gold ring. In fact I appreciated it so much most of you probably noticed I changed my Facebook Fan Page picture.


Honestly, the best part of this race for me was doing it with my friend Kim. Kim and I got to know each other at Weight Watchers last year and the two of us would walk with our other friend Tiffany a few nights a week before life starting getting in the way. She was even the one who got Tiffany to do her first 5K last fall. Kim takes health seriously and we loving called her “Boot-camp Kim”, but in reality, that’s a wonderful trait.

Kim was slightly pregnant when we did this event:


The course itself wasn’t too bad. In fact it was VERY walker friendly, with a few parts for challenges. At one point there was a HUGE outdoor staircase and some of the runners were going up and down. Many of the parents had their kids doing it too. Not sure if they want fit kids,or tired kids, but to me that’s a win-win in either direction. Unless the tired kids are cranky and refuse to take a nap…hmm..

I remember part of the end of the course went along a waterway (probably a canal) and it was very pretty to see the spring trees, and lots of birds all over. Very peaceful and very “new beginning” in the air. We basically walked around local neighborhoods and down near a park, away from the school and back toward the Football Hall of Fame. Oh and there was an EXPO on site too, which we all went to afterward to learn about other local races, products we never knew existed and now we needed to have, and other such typical finds.

At the end her husband and son were waiting for her and it was super fun to see how proud he was of his Mom and having him cheer.


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After the event I went on their website and started looking for other locations in the series. To me it is always a good sign when I’m excited to do an event again so much I don’t want to wait a whole year! Unfortunately the other dates conflicted with different races or different plans I already made for the year. So all I can say is I want to do it next year and if it’s in your area you should DEFINITELY consider signing up.

Race Report: Warrior Dash Ohio II with Rockin’ Refuel

Hi everybody

Hi Dr Nick


Well, I did it. Last weekend I showed up with my crew of 6 Rockin’ Warriors and we took on the challenges of the Ohio Warrior Dash II.


For some strange reason I kept thinking the first happened at the same place only earlier in the year. As I went through the course I heard lots of people talking and apparently the first was not only in the spring, but at a must hillier location. OKaaaaay then. Pass. Haha.

I drove over to my friend Liz’s not too early in the morning, but early enough Walgreen’s wasn’t open. Which makes me mad. You aren’t at the corner of Happy and Convenient when you don’t open early enough! Acccck! So I had to make an emergency run to ACME near her house because THREE different contact cases had messed up lenses and of course I couldn’t find solution anywhere to open a new pair. At ACME (local grocery store BTW) they only had the packs of two. Whatever, I’ll use it.

Long story short (they never are with me) we all met at her house and drove off into the sunrise together. It wasn’t long before we arrived at Clay’s. Nearly everyone in our group had been to the site as a water park when they were kids. I never even heard of it until now. I don’t care what anyone else says, parking was a breeze. We paid our $10 and easily found a spot. I didn’t fear for my shocks or tires at any point in the journey. Settled in we grabbed our stuff to be good ambassadors and headed toward the festival area.

Inside we made a bee-line to the Rockin’ Refuel tent and met up with wonderful people.


My sister is a great model, dontcha think?

We drank some pre-race fuel…because HELLO it’s chocolate milk and super yummy. And chatted with others for a moment, and snapped pictures. At this location we could easily see the final obstacle, where you basically are forced to swim through mud. hehe.

This was the only point in the day where I was upset about any of the race. The line for packet pick up was way too long and just wasn’t moving at all! Is this normal? Had I never noticed at other events somehow? After aging like a fine wine we gathered and prepared for becoming WARRIORS.


I never know who reading isn’t familiar with mud events and wants lots of details and who just wants highlights. Based on my readership numbers I think most of you are returning fans and don’t need all the little tidbits.

For this event I wore my Rockin’ Refuel shirt which was super comfy but also cotton? I know it was a free shirt, but not the best idea for a mud run. I wore some compression pants and under it all my bikini. I figured it was good for water and I wasn’t planning to run much and didn’t need the upper support.

Early in the game (like no joke at obstacle #1) I lost my team. It was fine because they were all doing their own thing and it helped show Rockin’ Refuel is for athletes of all varieties. This is also the point where I met a wonderful girl named Jessica and her running partner. I never learned for sure, but I think it was her boyfriend or possibly a husband. Her parents bought them the entries as a gift and this was their first mud run. We stayed together for about the first mile and this really helped me to relax. Also within the first mile I saw members of my team and they were having a blast. My favorite obstacles happened in this section. The “Alcatraz” where we swam up to flaoting blocks and nets and had to climb over/through before swimming to the other side. Also the one with a “tight rope” it was a slack line with netting above it. Although I LOVE it, my pics say I was terrified or confused or possibly both….

race_776_photo_23773582 race_776_photo_23773558

Of course there were your standard “climb over this wall” “crawl under THIS wall” “climb up this really tall wall and then have a SURPRISE on the other side”. I skipped most of the walls. Basically it comes down to what I’ve said all year, I’m not sure of my body. I gained A LOT of weight in 6 months time. I understand people heavier than me do these races. They probably have been heavy longer than 6 months though. I am super unsure of footing and center of balance and it SCARES me to do things where I don’t know what to do with my limbs. End of story.

I’ve discovered through different events I LOVE rope and nets. There was one obstacle where you climbed up a net tube and it dipped halfway through and then you climbed down a ladder on the other side. It felt like a blast back to Sea World days in Aurora where I climbed around net city and looked down into the ball pit. A few other “old” people knew what I was talking about while the young whipper snappers gave me sideways stink eye.

By the time we got to the end I was exhausted. I skipped stuff I probably could have done on a different day, but I have no regrets. Although I do wish I did the “Goliath” . You climbed up a wall or a net or something. Walked over a balance beam. Went up another ladder and came down a slide into a pool of muddy water. Since I skipped it I will feature my wonderful friend Liz who had 100% obstacle completion at this event! YAY girl!

11056578_10153122066419227_2449371151593897763_n 11846507_10153122065079227_2515209711040168265_n

After the slide, you jumped fire (of course) and swam in the mud. Really you went under barbed wire in the mud, but seriously.  My facial expressions in the mud are just too much for me to handle. I apparently really really liked mud.

race_776_photo_23814688 race_776_photo_23782722

Once we completed the course there were lots of muddy hugs and more drinking Rockin’ Refuel to get our energy and happiness back. After all with a great combination or protein and carbs it’s a fun way to refuel after an event. Plus as I mentioned before CHOCOLATE MILK people.

race_776_photo_23707505 (1)

Sadly, the rise station left MUCH to be desired. It was a really long wait and almost no pressure. I simply ripped off my shirt and rinsed in my bathing suit top. After we all assessed I made it a mission to get back to the car to change before coming back to hang out.

11243883_10103630422072094_1703510020_o 11817061_10153141450033434_6857136101688851767_n

It was a really great time and for sure the first event where I said it’s a “MUST DO” next year. In fact I was looking to see where it might be held and was THINKING about possibly getting a season pass. haha.

Thank you again to Rockin’ Refuel for the shirts and comping our entries. We loved representing you to everyone. Thank you Warrior Dash for an amazing event. Thank you team for the fun times.

Race Report: Mandel JCC Indoor Triathlon 2015

There’s a part of me thinking I have no business writing a race report for an event from February when it’s the beginning of August. Maybe the details aren’t as fresh in my mind, but I still recall the highlights and I’m ready to share them now. Plus, pictures…


I’ve done this race many years in a row now. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the only year I did not do it was the year of my heart surgery. This is one of the best events of the whole year and a WONDERFUL way to expose new racers to the world of triathlon.

Most indoor triathlons are broken down into timed segments. Only once have I done an indoor tri where you had to use the equipment to achieve a distance goal. This particular event breaks it down into the following parts.


  • 15 minutes of swimming
    • 10 minutes for transition
  • 20 minutes of cycling (spinning)
    • 5 minutes for transition
  • 20 minutes of running the indoor track

If water isn’t your thing they also have the biking & running only option, although I don’t know if they change the timed sections.

Here is a 30 second highlights clip from this year’s event.

The 2015 Indoor Biathlon & Indoor Triathlon was a huge success!  With 135 participants that raised over $36,000. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and volunteered! Proceeds raised through the event support the Mandel JCC Scholarship Program. Please Ask Family & Friends to Support Your Participation with a Tax Deductible Donation.

Along with the timed sections, there are also “waves” of competitors. Once wave one has completed the swim and has moved on to cycling, wave two will take to the pool. This keeps things flowing and allows for more people to join in on the fun. Each section has a volunteer who will count your laps (pool or track) or cheers you on in the spinning room. YAY.  Waves are also separated into serious and fun participants, so you don’t have to worry about people being rude like the one year when a lady was incredibly less than kind to me on the track.

I don’t know the politically correct way of saying this, but there’s also a wave for kids with special needs. I think it’s awesome they open this opportunity up for them and they always seem like they’re having the BEST time.

How did I do in 2015?

Swimming I felt really strong during my turn and I thought maybe I finally broke my record. Everyone also laughs at me because I use the backstroke. Well, not so much because I use it, but because I don’t know the flip turn for it, so as I approach the wall I flip over in the water to do the flip turn as if I’m using the front stroke. Whatever it gets the job done. I couldn’t find any pics from this year’s event…

Cycling was a lot more fin this year than in the past. They had the lights off for most of the time and were playing music with a crazy light show. I tried to snap a pic when I was done and recovering.


Since I hadn’t been training my butt was more than a lil sore during this part of the tri. I seriously regretted not going to the gym more over the winter and not wearing padded shorts. Haha. Liz really cranked it out at this part and I was blown away, almost literally. Hehe.

Here are a few pics as we settled into the ride.

10928200_889230761099924_4433001931140564030_n 10995862_889230601099940_8229731226430422339_n

Finally we took to the track for the run. Running is always my favorite part of an event. It’s where I feel the most natural. It can be the hardest part. It can be my slowest part. I can throw up or break a bone and I still feel the most at home when I’m running (even if it’s walking).

10441215_889232377766429_2394680205038537565_nStats from 2013 and 2014 …


2015? 21 swim laps, 7.55 bike miles & 17 run laps. Nothing I was proud about and nothing I was ashamed about either, I went in just hoping not to feel like a complete failure since I didn’t keep up with training over the winter. My wave with my with my friend Liz and it was awesome to see how great she performed and her improvements from the year before. I was so proud of the hard work she is always putting into her sport. Even if she refuses to take silly pictures.


I certainly plan to be back in 2016 and I’m thankful to have an event like this in my life and in my community.